Love & Tomatoes is a holistic counseling practice that supports the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health of fertile-minded women and mamas-in-the-making.

Health is a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual journey. Part of this happens from changes that come from the outside in–adjustments to your food, lifestyle and health routines. The other part is by making changes from the inside out–addressing the thoughts, energies, emotions and life patterns that operate inside your mind, your cells and your very unique vibrations as a human being. This second part is the work that I focus on. Call it quantum healing meets personal growth, or changework for your best healthy self. 

To help you go deeper into your internal inquiry, I’ve created this FREE workbook to help you uncover the hidden beliefs that are impacting your health.


The delicate balance in your body is created by connections between your thoughts, feelings and physiology. Shifting outdated patterns can increase your physical well-being, energy, vitality and reproductive health.


Brain connections formed in childhood affect how your body responds to stress and illness later in life. Use these early learning pathways to help your body respond to health now — even when modern medicine has no answers.


Our body is a system for health and life. Our family is also a system, often reflective of our body. Shift ancestor entanglements and energies passed down from previous generations. Unconscious connections can keep you stuck, sick or sterile.


Every cell in your body responds to your thoughts, beliefs and living environment. Change how your body responds to negative emotions, past traumas and unhelpful patterns that are impacting your body, life and happiness.


Emotions cause chemical changes in your body’s systems, organs and hormone balance. Shifting how you respond to stress, fear and anger can change your physical make-up, ignite healing, promote relaxation and increase likelihood of conception.

As a woman, your reproductive system is the part of you most tuned into the experience of life. It’s the part of your body designed for creation, growth and connection. It’s where, inside you, emotions and hormones intertwine–the result of which influences everything that makes you the woman you are, and the woman you are becoming. Whether your craving for life is meant to ignite the flame of your own heart and soul, or bring a new life forward, the goal is the same — to ignite the spark of life inside your being.

You have tried so many things, yet you still haven’t been able to make your dreams of healing your body come true. 

Here’s a hug and a reminder that given the right conditions, your body is designed to heal itself. A holistic approach – energetic, emotional, physical and mental well-being includes having wellness in your entire life experience. Whether you are dedicated to the holistic, natural path or augmenting your medical care with alternative therapies, the search for answers “out there” leads you eventually to the question, “what’s going on in here?”

Conception is the alchemy of physical and emotional well-being. Your fertility can be influenced by unconscious thoughts such as anxiety about motherhood, a child’s impact on your career or relationship — as well as fears about roles, responsibilities and self-actualization.

Emotional health throughout pregnancy is important, too. We are just beginning to understand the impact of a mother’s thoughts on her baby’s genetic development and how the emotions a child is exposed to before birth affect their emotional well-being for the rest of their life.


“Wow! I had my first session with Christine last night and already felt a shift as soon as the session was over. When I got home I took a bath and for the first time for a long time I felt at peace and the mind chatter had completely disappeared (I know it will always be there but my awareness and relationship with my mind I feel has shifted). I didn’t feel consumed by my thoughts.

We went deep into some things I had no idea were blocking me from moving forward in my life, personally and professionally. It was intense and awesome at the same time. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into but I knew in my heart I had to work with her when the time was right. A lot has been coming up for me lately in my life and she popped up at the perfect time. I was ready. I already booked my next session and I can’t wait to see what we uncover! I am so beyond grateful for this woman… this is work that I feel everyone can benefit from.”

Jill Shapiro, Health Coach, San Francisco, CA
“I have been working with Christine for about 7 months now. I originally planned to do a 12 week program with her called “Baby Body Bootcamp” to get my body ready for pregnancy. However, when the 12 weeks came to pass, I was not about to stop seeing her. I decided to continue to work with her for as long as I see fit because she enlightens me every single session!!

Christine is helping me to lay a foundation for my individual overall health and well being as well as how to provide that for my family. The first goal that I met was losing a pesky 7lbs that I have been trying to get rid of for 10 years! Needless to stay within a couple of months I lost those pounds and kept them off. Second, I suffer from hypothyroidism, so I often battle with energy. I have never had more energy in my life and I am definitely not getting younger. Third, I was facing a lot of stress from my external life such as illness in the family, uncertainty with work, among other things. Christine gave me the tools to change my perspective and to find the lessons and light in every situation. It is the best investment I have ever made. When I feel whole, I feel like I can help the world to feel the same. It is truly an inspirational experience to work with Christine!!!”

Jenn Mount, Mom & Entrepreneur, Santa Cruz, CA