Relationship has been my backdrop for igniting conversations about how we live and how we show up for ourselves, and others within that life. My work is about how we live an expansive, fulfilled life, in every way possible. Relationships in particular, tend to be a place where women play small, compromise, settle, deflect, ignore, disconnect and yet, endlessly desire more. 

We are genetically designed to connect and yet we hold our emotions hostage and separate ourselves from the experience of love to play safe, to be protected. It is in our design to be vulnerable.
In my opinion, the main difference between a good coach and a great one is a willingness to burn in the fire of your own medicine (as one of my great coaches once taught me) and a deep desire to help others do the same. I’ve spent the past five years on a deeply transformative journey. One that carried me 10,000 miles across the country, back to my roots, forward in life and love and deep into the depths of my own mindful connection to myself.
This has been the inspiration for this concept of holistic relationship coaching that I’ve embarked upon and because how we do one thing is how we do everything, working on love and relationships all comes back to working on you.
Holistic relationship coaching encompasses the entire landscape that is your experience of relationship. The steps to a transformative love life are:
Letting Go
What are you holding that is toxic and not serving your highest self? Baggage, boxes, old boyfriends. If there’s clutter around outside of you, there’s emotional build-up inside that needs attention and release. What are you ready to release?
Living Well
This is a biggie. Mind, body, soul alignment begins with taking good care of you. Are you living a life you love, and in a body that is well-cared-for? Good nutrition and exercise are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to maintaining a healthy well-being.
Loving Again
Here’s where we go deep into the experience of blocks, patterns and old paradigms about love. What is your soul’s desire and do you know yourself well enough to connect to the deepest love within yourself? This is where love becomes limitless and your capacity to love expands beyond your wildest dreams.