About Christine Sferle

Christine Sferle helps women work through deeply personal emotional blocks that are manifesting in physical illness in the most intimate parts of their feminine existence and life creating force - their energy, their vitality and their fertility. She blends NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), family systemic constellations, holistic health and transformational changework together help heart-led women restore well-being where illness has illuminated the emotional and energetic areas of distress ready for change and healing. To schedule a changework session visit www.loveandtomatoes.com.
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Your Inherited Suffering

Ever feel like no matter what you do, something in your life is just not getting better? Like no matter how healthy you eat, you just can't heal your body...or lose weight...or get pregnant...or even

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How To Get Lasting Change Using Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP)

Many of my clients have never heard of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) when they schedule their first session. They tell me they're stuck and want to feel more alive, fulfilled, healthy or in love. They've tried

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A prayer for Soulful Self Expression

My clients come into my office and one of the first things they ask me is, Christine, when are you going to start writing something again? I  usually smile, shrug and offer up something about

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Musings on goal setting, motivation and creating what you would like…

Goal setting is so 1990. If you are still setting goals, I'm going to say a prayer that you are being forced by an ominous and outdated boss to write down empty promises in a

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The Problem With Having It All

"Having it all" is one of those marketing catch-phrases that nearly everyone says they want. Yet the best understanding we have of what it means is a mild sense of what it would be like

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Why Letting Go of Your Dream Is a Good Thing

I dug this out of the vault of things I wrote when I started my business and was struggling to make it work exactly as I had envisioned. Reading through the old notes, I noticed

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Stop Arguing. Do this Instead.

It's an evolutionary trait that we think getting what we want happens when we complain, cry, yell or throw adult-sized tantrums. It started when you were a baby; you had needs so you cried. Someone

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Here’s What Makes A Relationship Easy

Relationships are hard work. That's what they tells us, whoever they are. (Someday I'd like to meet this person, named "they".) After all, you have to find the right person, and then make things work. It's all quite forced, wouldn't

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Shadow Work and The Painful Separation of Belonging

A prelude if I may... Time and again, whether it's with clients working on weight loss or life balance or clearing clutter or finding a relationship, I notice one thing in common. People are searching

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Soul Work and NLP

Many of you have watched my journey and the evolution of it unfold across the past four years since I left advertising and became an entrepreneur, coach and self-improvement expert. When I first met with