About Christine Sferle

Christine Sferle helps women work through deeply personal emotional blocks that are manifesting in physical illness in the most intimate parts of their feminine existence and life creating force - their energy, their vitality and their fertility. She blends NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), family systemic constellations, holistic health and transformational changework together help heart-led women restore well-being where illness has illuminated the emotional and energetic areas of distress ready for change and healing. To schedule a changework session visit www.loveandtomatoes.com.

Who Would You Be If You Weren’t Your Job?

Many of the women who come to me for private coaching have a similar initial frustration: their job IS their life. They want more balance, which really means more life. (They've always got the "more

About The LoveLife Method: Christine’s Story

If you've done any work with me, you'll know that holistic health work is rarely about food. Food is just the place we start in understanding how our life choices are resulting in less than

How To Be Healthy This Summer, Without Cooking a Thing

Digestive problems, aging skin, extreme exhaustion. If this sounds all too familiar, maybe you should stop cooking. Seriously. In Ayurveda, (Ayurveda is a traditional Hindu style of alternative medicine that focuses on maintaining balance to

4 Foods You Can’t Eat, But NEED to Survive

Last week I had the pleasure of filming a segment on the show Change Starts at Home, with host and author Laura Rose. Laura's mission is close to my heart - inspiring women to begin

What Are Living Foods?

Quite simply, living foods are foods that are prepared in such a way, that they are still considered alive. Among other things, these foods gift our bodies with nutrients for good cell replenishment (which helps

Oatmeal & Yogurt Natural Face Mask

This mask is great for hydrating all skin types. Yogurt makes a good base for sensitive skin and can help purify and smooth skin. Oats absorb and remove surface dirt and impurities, deep  cleanse your

The Fountain of Youth

And speaking of colorful fruits and veggies, did you know that eating a wide array of fruits and veggies not only makes your meals more interesting, it helps your skin get the nutrients necessary to

Summer Refresh(ments)

When Mark Twain was quoted saying, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco,” he must not have had a summer solstice like this one! We officially ushered in the first

Better Than Summer School

It may have been a few years, (ok, more than a few…) but I can still remember the energy that accompanied the last week of school. Whether you have been experiencing it again with your

School’s Out For Summer!

Vacation, vacation, vacation. It’s the thing on everyone’s mind these days! Most likely, either you have one coming up, or you’re desperately in need of time off. Either way, it’s time to celebrate the summer