About Christine Sferle

Christine Sferle helps women work through deeply personal emotional blocks that are manifesting in physical illness in the most intimate parts of their feminine existence and life creating force - their energy, their vitality and their fertility. She blends NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), family systemic constellations, holistic health and transformational changework together help heart-led women restore well-being where illness has illuminated the emotional and energetic areas of distress ready for change and healing. To schedule a changework session visit www.loveandtomatoes.com.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

It’s officially that time-when BBQ’s, baseball, and beach time lead the way into a summer of enjoyable weather and fun times with family and friends. This weekend I’ll be taking advantage of the great outdoors

The Best BBQ Side Dish

Trade the pasta and potato salads (and their plastic packaging) for this quick homemade salad that even the health-adverse holiday goers will be glad you brought to the party! This recipe comes from one of

Is Your Sunblock Giving You Skin Cancer?

Ironically, while the use of sunscreen has risen in the past 30 years, so has the incidence of skin cancer. So what’s going on? Sun screen was originally developed for our troops, to give them

Are You Living in a Landfill?

Our food, body, and home care products contain chemicals, toxins and artificial ingredients. On an average morning, by the time you wake, shower, dress and commute to work, you’ve encountered over 200 toxins. Our liver

Voted Best Nutritionist in the SF Bay Area 2011

We did it! L&T has been named the BayList’s “2011 Best Nutritionist in the Bay Area.” A big thank you to everyone for voting!

5 Eco-Friendly Brands I LOVE

If you’ve worked with me in any capacity, you know that I am a big fan of brands that are free of toxins, artificial or chemicalized ingredients. Toxins are bad for us and bad for

Why Eating Local Is Better For Your Bod’

In today’s world, its typical for you to be able to get zucchini in summer or strawberries when the ground is covered with snow. We forget what seasons foods are even grown, since everything is

Earth: It’s the Stuff You’re Made Of

Daytime dramas may be old news, but as the world turns, so does my need to talk about it. Our planet is filled with toxic chemicals, pollutants, and fertilizers. Those toxins leak their way into

Eating With the Seasons

This winter I went to a health coach conference in Miami. In addition to an amazing few days soaking up the sunshine, I got the latest scoop on diet, nutrition and healthy living. I’ve been

A Few Words About My Spring Cleanse

Last week I launched my 12-day holistic spring detox and am unabashed in letting everyone I meet know about it! I was introduced to detoxing last year while taking part in a month-long cleanse. Ever since, I’ve