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The Problem With Having It All

"Having it all" is one of those marketing catch-phrases that nearly everyone says they want. Yet the best understanding we have of what it means is a mild sense of what it would be like

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Stop Arguing. Do this Instead.

It's an evolutionary trait that we think getting what we want happens when we complain, cry, yell or throw adult-sized tantrums. It started when you were a baby; you had needs so you cried. Someone

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Shadow Work and The Painful Separation of Belonging

A prelude if I may... Time and again, whether it's with clients working on weight loss or life balance or clearing clutter or finding a relationship, I notice one thing in common. People are searching

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Soul Work and NLP

Many of you have watched my journey and the evolution of it unfold across the past four years since I left advertising and became an entrepreneur, coach and self-improvement expert. When I first met with

The Epitome of YES

The Epitome of YES. One of my biggest fears (c’mon, we all have them) is the word "YES". Don’t get me wrong, I love the potential it holds – with greatness lurking just beyond its

How Do You Want To Feel?

Feelings. Emotions. Unless you are a cave-dwelling rock, you likely have them. Feelings and emotions are an essential ingredient for living life to the fullest, loving and being healthy. For some reason, feelings also get

How To Keep From Chasing Stillness

Have you ever just wanted to be still? Relax. Unwind. Be enough. Living on a hamster wheel has become the norm...We eat fast, think on our feet, move quickly through our day and demand that

Feeling Stuck? Here’s How to Surrender to Love

Do you ever feel like you're stuck, like you've lost your way? Like there's a plan and a purpose for your life but you've fallen off the track and have no idea how to get back onto it? I have. In fact,

3 Reasons NOT to Play By the Rules

Go directly to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. And so you sit, imprisoned until you roll doubles, have done your time, or, if you're lucky, can use your get-out-of-jail-free card that

3 Ways to Find Your Heart’s Desire

Do you know what you want? If not, you're not alone. -- Most women who come to me have no idea what it is they really want. They simply know that where they are now is out