“I went to Christine when I was pregnant and nervous about giving birth. I didn’t want my stress levels to impact my baby or my birth plan. Christine helped me change the subconscious thoughts in my mind that were producing worry and stress. Not only did her help make my son’s birth relaxed and help me stay calm, but the work we did has impacted how I am as a mom, a wife and a friend.”

Katie E., Phoenix, AZ
Mom & Journalist

“Working with Christine has fundamentally shifted how I interact with the world for the better. I am more open and available to give and receive love in all of my relationships and deal with anxiety and stress in more productive ways. And finally, after years of feeling rather numb or indifferent towards life, I’ve begun to rediscover things that I’m passionate about and feel more alive than I have in a long time. I’d recommend working with Christine to anyone who wants to discover how to truly engage with life and live and love more fully.”

Joni R., Arlington, VA
Sales Representative

“I had TWO major breakthroughs in a short period of time that peeled away stale, old layers that had been blocking me for years. I’ve had the special privilege of working with Christine, and witnessing her work her magic with others as well. Loving myself to the core has been a lifelong challenge and quest for me, and Christine’s masterful coaching took me to another level of this love that I didn’t know was possible. She helped me acknowledge and clear away some of my pain so that I could create more intentional love for myself – which spills over and benefits ALL areas of my life. Christine embodies the perfect combination of empowered, sophisticated, feminine woman and teacher AND highly intelligent, skilled, graceful, loving coach and champion of the best version of you. Christine continues to teach and inspire me. I am grateful to know her.”

Jennifer Zlaket, San Francisco CA
Co-founder at Love Works

“Christine has helped me a lot in the five months we have been working together so far. It’s hard to share all the details because it has been a really deep and personal journey, but suffice to say I feel really supported and the main challenges I came to her with have all improved or been entirely alleviated.

Working with Christine has been a huge reminder of how important it is for those of us in healing/helping professions to also get support in turn and not try to do so much on our own!

Mollie M., Oakland, CA
Ayurvedic Health Coach

Before working with Christine, I could feel myself slowly sinking into a rut. On a daily basis, it was unnoticeable. But, it was becoming more and more clear over time. I didn’t seek out Christine; we came together by chance. I had won an introductory session at a yoga event, but after that first session I knew she had come into my life at the right time. It was just what I needed, although I didn’t even know it at the time. Since working with her, I’ve begun to let go of a lot of hang ups about how things “should” be. I’m learning to focus my attention and energy on those things that intuitively feel right, even if it takes me outside of my comfort zone. When I look back at the investment I feel grateful because I know it would have been so easy to keep doing things as I always did. Working with Christine has helped me become open to all the potential and opportunities that I’ve been overlooking, and poised to take advantage of them.”

Ashley M., San Francisco, CA

“I went to see Christine because I was having a hard time speaking in public. Every time I would give a presentation (which I do often in my line of work), my throat would close up, my voice would waver and I would have to push through– fighting my sweaty palms and my body’s natural impulses to panic the whole time. After one session with Christine, my body felt relaxed and speaking became easy. I now give talks regularly and enjoy the connection I have with my audience and have continued working with Christine ever since to improve all different areas of my health and life so I can continue being the best version of myself in every way possible.”

Jessie S., San Francisco, CA
Development Director

“Christine combines multiple disciplines to offer truly comprehensive coaching that yields deep, long-lasting results. Her style is to meet you where you are and elicit from you your true desires. She is then 100% with you along the way to your dreams. I engaged with Christine because I was tired of following the latest health fad in hopes of achieving what I would like in life.

Now, I am introducing changes with Christine’s expert guidance that feel natural and part of my every day life. Working with Christine is one of the best investments I’ve made, and it’s a pleasure having her part of my support team.”

Karilee Wirthlin, Palo Alto, CA

Before I began working with Christine I was tired all the time. I felt burnt out and like I was spending each day like every other day and not getting ahead, just spinning my wheels. The life that I truly wanted felt out of reach. To be honest I’m not sure I knew what I truly wanted. Since working with Christine on many aspects of nutrition, health, and finding balance, I have rejuvenated myself. Many doors have opened for me and life has become much more fulfilling and rich. I have begun to live the life I truly want and deserve. When I look back at the investment I feel grateful that I took a chance to invest in myself because a price cannot be put on what I have gained in this time.”

Meredith Roberts, Evergreen, CO
Physical Therapist

“Christine welcomes you with no judgement to your past, present or future. What she does is create a shift in your mental wiring that leaves you with a taste of more stability, peace, balance and alignment.

I waited months to work with her in fear of what I now realize was my own road blocks. If you want to see change, it starts within and the first step is bringing yourself into Christine’s world of healing.”

Meg J., San Francisco, CA
ER Nurse

“When I try to thank Christine, she claims I’m the one doing all the work. But it’s as if she’s catapulted me towards what I want in life. Support and guidance are insignificant ways to describe what she does. I am fortunate to have found her.”

Rebecca B., San Francisco, CA
Fundraising Director

“When I first met with Christine, I was in a rut. I was depressed, feeling guilty for not cooking and eating healthy and couldn’t find my way out of the rut. I was having flare up of redness and inflammation on my skin that no doctor could figure out or fix. I was also addicted to caffeine (and didn’t even realize it)!

Working with Christine, she helped me figure out that the problems with my skin were because of my diet! She helped me find foods that were easy and enjoyable and that my family and I all can eat.

Now, I no longer have skin flare ups, nor do I need, crave or drink coffee – and I have more energy than before! Having Christine to keep me accountable to myself made the transition delightful.

I learned so much about nutrition and I am now so much more aware of what I am putting in my body and how many toxins are in the things that are available to us in convenient foods. Most days of the week my family and I eat a healthy veggies based dinner that I cook! Working with Christine changed my health and my life in ways I never even expected!”

Sharon F., San Francisco, CA
Merchandising Designer

I turned to Christine because I was utterly lost and looking for direction. I was stuck in my professional life at a point where everything seemed to be going really well from the outside but I couldn’t pull all the components together. My personal life was similarly fragmented. I had plenty of tomatoes but the love was missing. I tried affirmations and attempted to focus more on areas where I could grow self-love but I returned repeatedly to my pattern of self-abuse. The latter was manifested in over-commitment and undervaluing myself.

Since my first session with Christine, I felt loved. I felt loved in a way that I never have. Self-judgment and self-blame haven’t reared their ugly heads on a daily basis like they normally do. If a self-disparaging thought occurs, it is replaced with curiosity in a way that is both playful and loving.

The truth is, you can’t wake up one day and decide that you’re going to start loving yourself. Such deep-rooted issues need to be pried out of you, banished, and replaced with positive truths. Christine is the best at figuratively holding your hand and guiding you through this process intuitively, compassionately, and intelligently.”

Christine helped banish years of ‘stories’ about my inadequacy and unworthiness. If you’re as lost as I was, do yourself a favor and let Christine help you. Every minute you spend with Christine will reap years of joy for you.”

Jayne McAllister, Vero Beach, FL
Travel Wellness Expert