Be Proud of Your Strengths and Talents

How often in life do you find yourself focusing on what you don’t have rather than what you do?  What’s going wrong rather than what’s going right?

If you’re anything like a lot of people then the focusing on the negative stuff is often so much easier to do than focusing on the positive.  The old glass half full.  Why is this?  Honestly beautiful you…I don’t know.  But what I do know is that I don’t like it!

When we focus on the darker side of any situation what I find is that so often that type of thinking can soon begin to translate into thinking darker about ourselves.  While we might have many talents, skills and things to give, share and inspire ourselves and others with – we lose sight of that fact – and often a lot of other great things about ourselves too in the process.  We can so easily slip into thinking we can’t get anything right.  Aren’t talented or focused or connected enough.  Or simply enough.

But we are.  We ARE!

It’s just that when life and stuff and the whole world feels like it’s getting in our way sometimes – we forget we are.  And we shouldn’t.

So this simple little post here at Beautiful You today is sent to you with two small actions I’d love for you to consider doing for YOU and one big recommendation as well….

Take just a few quiet minutes today or sometime very soon to write out five things you are really good at and five things you’re proud of yourself for.  And let me tell you straight, EVERYbody is great at something.  EVERYbody.  And EVERYbody has things that they can be proud of.  I’m not talking I’ve climbed Mt Everest with a blindfold on type of proud – although if you have done that – go YOU!  I’m talking proud moments where you’ve pulled yourself through a difficult time, you’ve helped someone, you’ve helped yourself, you achieved something you really wanted to achieve.  It’s these moments that I believe are the real building blocks of our character and essence as a beautiful person.

And then I want you to keep that pretty piece of paper you’ve written on or the journal you’ve popped them in always close by to you.  Maybe pin in on your vision board.  Tuck it in your wallet.  Pop it in your bedside draw. Stick it on your bedroom mirror.  Make sure it’s always nice and close to you so in those moments we all have where we’re not feeling as great and confident and ok about ourselves as we should – you have a beautiful reminder right nearby that never lets you descend into territory of ‘I’m nothing.  I’m not good enough.  I can’t do anything right. I’m not strong.’

You are something.  You are enough.  You can do many things right.  You are strong.

And you have the evidence for all of that right with you.

Just a little exercise beautiful you but one with big punch and heart.

And when you’re done or even straight away I would love for you to tell me in a comment below something you’re good at and something you’re proud of.  Shout it out.  I would love to get to know beautiful you better.

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