Be Your Own Best Friend

I bet – I just BET – you are an amazing friend.

Kind.  Loyal.  Forgiving.  Encouraging.  Available.  Positive.  Supportive.  Funny.  Helpful.  Giving.

I just bet. While I might be quite certain you are all of these things to your friends and even others, what I’m not so sure about is if you are all of these things to…yourself.

Ponder that for a moment.  Do you treat others better than you do yourself?  Have lots of love to give outwards but struggle to turn it inwards?  Give praise and positivity to those around you but berate yourself with a negative voice and thoughts?

Are you treating yourself with the loving kindness you are your best friend?

Yes?  Brava.

No?  Time for change.  What’s good and positive and wonderful for anyone else is entirely the same for you.

You cannot rely on others to return to you or give you the love and positivity you give out.  It must first come from you.

Take up a little kindness challenge for yourself and consider the love you are giving away right now.  That voice you hear being beautiful, encouraging and so lovely to others?  It’s time to talk that way to yourself.

To talk lovingly to yourself.

Focus on the positives you have surrounding you rather than the negatives.

Believe you can, not believe you can’t.

Will yourself to jump over hurdles and break through barriers.

Be kind to you.

Just like you would as a friend.

Go on beautiful you.

Be your friend.  Be your best friend.  Be your best friend forever.

Be your BFF.

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