Best and Worst Dressed Lists: What is the Point?

Best and worst dressed lists have become a staple in the world of fashion, with publications and websites alike eagerly compiling their picks after every red carpet event. But what’s the point? Is it just a way to shame celebrities for their fashion choices or is there more to it?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of best and worst dressed lists, why they’ve become so popular, and whether they actually serve a purpose beyond entertainment. We’ll also take a closer look at the impact these lists can have on the fashion industry as a whole. So if you’ve ever wondered about the point of best and worst dressed lists, read on to find out more.

Anyone that knows me will gladly tell you that I love to get frocked up. I collect vintage dresses & love to show them off whenever I get the chance. I also love to look at other occasions where people are dressed in their finery. I don’t mind admitting this; even though I am FULLY aware that when swanning down the red carpet, celeb’s have had thousands of dollars worth of primping & preening. It’s a make believe world, but one I will gladly perve on for a brief while to get a fantasy fashion fix.

Best and Worst Dressed Lists

The thing I don’t get though is this whole business of best & worst dressed lists based on these occasions. It’s like the media think that we have an insatiable desire to not only look at the glamour, but actually see it as some sort of sport that requires point scores & rankings. It’s not only banal & stupid – but once again – an example of how people in the public eye are seen to be unhuman in some way & that hurtful judgment will not affect them. It’s wrong, & such judgments can, & do, sting. In the past week the Brownlow Medal Count & the Emmy’s have been run & won, & once again, these polarising lists have appeared seemingly everywhere.

I’m not sure if it will come as a shock to you, but it certainly does to me, that ALL of the women that appear in this post have been on at least one WORST dressed list or were openly criticised for their appearance. I simply cannot understand this, as all of them to me look glowing & glamorous in their own right.

While I hope that all of them will be able to laugh off the negative judgments placed on them about their appearance & dress choice, I can’t imagine it would be easy. I am certain that whenever any woman, (famous or not), goes to a special occasion, she leaves her home feeling as wonderful about herself as she possibly can, choosing a dress that is beautiful to her & makes her feel amazing. To then have her choices & appearance belittled must be very hard.

One high profile person known to be devastated about press coverage that she was supposedly the worst dressed person at this year’s Logie awards was tv & radio personality Myf Warhurst. Myf was so upset about being called a red carpet disaster that she decided to have a ceremonial burning of her chosen dress in an attempt to laugh off a situation that she openly admitted caused her to shed tears & question whether she would ever walk a red carpet again.

So this brings me back to this posts title question. What is the point of best & worst dressed lists? While it might be all & well for the armchair fashion critics to pump up those people they see as having ‘got it right’ & being deserving of a place on the ‘best’ side of the fence – what about those that are relegated to the ‘worst’ side? Bet they aren’t feeling nearly as beautiful & glamorous today as when they left home on their big night – especially those young, impressionable girlfriends of footballers who at the Brownlow, must surely be just out to have a great night & enjoy a chance to dress up.

Don’t listen to them girls. If you felt beautiful – you were beautiful. No ridiculous list or comment can take that away from you.

The concept of Best and Worst Dressed Lists has been a topic of debate for years, with many questioning their relevance and purpose. While some argue that these lists are simply a way to generate buzz and attract attention, others believe that they can serve as a source of inspiration or a way to spark conversation about fashion. Ultimately, the value of these lists is subjective and depends on individual perspectives and priorities. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this ongoing conversation in the world of fashion.

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