Celebrity Body Image Quotes That Inspire

Celebrity body image quotes inspire people of all ages to love and appreciate their own bodies. Whether you’re struggling with self-esteem or just want to cheer someone up, these quotes are sure to hit the spot. From Demi Lovato to Khloe Kardashian, these celebs have some words of wisdom that will touch your heart. So read on and enjoy these positive body image quotes from your favorite stars!

I try to steer clear of too much media relating to celebrities.  Something tells me if you read Beautiful You you’re most likely the same, even though it can be hard to avoid.  It’s online, on TV, in print and advertising – nearly everywhere.  The reporting at times can be cruel and filled with lies, which is just not my cup of tea.  Or coffee for that matter.  Then of course there are the constant stories about weight gain, weight loss, who wore what right or wrong or best or worst – and the list goes on.

Celebrity Body Image

I did come across an online compilation of celebrity quotes that I loved this week though, and I thought them worthy of sharing.  So often I think we forget that a lot of the reporting that takes place about well known people and their bodies and appearance does not actually involve a direct quote from them.  There’s lots of opinion, lots of comment, lots of ’a friend of Angelina’s’ going on – but not a lot of direct quotes.  That’s why when I came across this story titled ‘Celebrity Body Image Quotes That Inspire’ my interest was peaked to read more about what they directly had to say.  A lot of what they had to say was great!

Like this from Gabourey Sidibe: “One day I had to sit down with myself and decide that I loved myself no matter what my body looked like and what other people thought about my body. I got tired of hating myself.”  Perfection.  I got tired of hating myself.  Such a simple, but incredibly powerful statement.  It makes me wonder how many more thousands or even millions of women the world over are harbouring hateful feelings towards their bodies and when will be the time they will make the decision their ‘over it’ and want to stop.  I hope soon.  Very soon. 

Or this one from Drew BarrymoreMy limbs work, so I’m not going to  complain about the way my body is shaped.”  Amen.  Amen!  If only we all concentrated more gratitude on all the amazing things our bodies can DO for us, rather than what they LOOK like, I think we would revolutionise body image as a concept.  There would be a lot more love and a lot less angst.  I’m sure of it.

And the gorgeous Jamie-Lee Curtis: “The more I like me, the less I want to pretend to be other people.”  There’s so much power and energy in that.  It’s all about – ‘I’m me!  I’m ok!  I don’t need to compare, measure against, or think I need to be like anyone else.’  Love it.    

So, every now and again there is some good celebrity reporting happening that makes my heart smile just a little bit.  I’m still not interested in many things about their life the media may think I am, but quotes and compiliations like this get a tick from me.  What about you Beautiful You?  What body image mantra, quote, saying or attitude are you loving right now?

The way these celebs have been expressing themselves in body image is so inspirational. They have been turning their experiences into an art form and have become role models for many people. From the words they use to convey how important it is to love ourselves, we can really sense the importance of loving yourself with no holds barred.

Lastly, share your thoughts about this Celebrity Body Image topic by writing a comment down below. We’ll be delighted to read what you guys have to say!

Frequently Asked Questions

What impact do celebrities have in body image?

Overall, these studies’ qualitative, correlational, big data, and experimental methodologies showed that exposure to celebrity images, comparisons of one’s appearance to others’, and celebrity worship are linked to negative effects on one’s body image.

Does body image affect quality of life?

Higher levels of body dissatisfaction have been linked in studies to lower life satisfaction, psychological distress, and an increased risk of eating disorders and bad eating habits.

How does body image influence society?

The more we indulge in others lives, looking a perfect images of others, we tend to feel more worse about ourselves, questioning our self worth. Due to these negative social impacts, we start to engage with unhealthy habits mentally and physically

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