When the cold weather rolls in, we all have a way of gravitating toward the things that make us feel comfortable. Cozy blankets, hot chocolate, carbs. It’s our way of hibernating for the winter. Ever since I got back from my honeymoon, I’ve been spending my almost all of my lunch breaks at a family-owned organic cafe where I always get a large soup and whatever baked good looks appealing to me that day. Mushroom barley soup and a corn muffin. Sweet potato lentil and an oatmeal banana chocolate chip cookie. Vegetarian beef stew and a pumpkin whoopie pie. The food there is to die for.

Why do I bring this up? Because before this, I always fought the urge to let myself be comfortable–if I was comfortable, it meant that I wasn’t working hard enough. If I enjoyed a meal, it meant that I’d pay for it the next day. If I skipped a workout to stay curled up under the blankets, I’d punish myself for it all day long. If I drank a cup of hot chocolate, it had to be a meal, not a treat.

Since the fall arrived, I’ve been drinking one cup of hot chocolate a day, eating my treats at lunch and hitting the snooze button to stay in bed with Adam when I should be hauling my butt to the gym.

And ya know what? It feels awesome to finally be comfortable.

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