Create Your Perfect Day

One of the things we most often want is to create a perfect day more beautiful, soulful and incredible life for themselves. They also often want to attain big, juicy and delicious goals while they’re at it – which can are amazing but can also feel more than a little overwhelming.  As a coach it’s my role to help people move through and even embrace that overwhelm, and one of the best ways I know how to do that is by breaking things down into yummy bite sized chunks that can act as a platform for inspiration, change and yes – a more beautiful life.

Here’s a little exercise I’ve done myself and I often get my clients to do in thinking about their own perfect day.  Why not do it for yourself and see what it sparks inside you.

Incredible things may come up – just warning you!  Embrace them.  See where they take you.

Your beautiful life is calling you…

Create perfect day

A Day In My Beautiful Life
by ________________

I wake up to the sound of ________________, and roll over to find ________________ in my bed. It is ______ AM, and the first thought in my mind as place my feet on the floor is _______________________________________________________________.

I begin my day with some ________________ and ________________, and generously allow myself ________________ to prepare for the day.

I work as a ________________, and my chosen career makes me feel ________________. When I reflect back on where I started—and the work I do now—I’m deeply proud of myself for embracing my ________________ and claiming my natural talents for ________________, ________________ and ________________.

I take a break for lunch, and enjoy ________________ with ________________. I’m planning to ________________ in the afternoon, and see ________________ later this evening.

I complete my work for the day, with a profound sense of ________________. The rest of my day will be filled with ________________, ________________ and ________________. And even though it’s a little outside my usual routine, I might even ________________.

I’ve reached a point in my life where striding into a room full of strangers makes me feel ________________, and looking myself in the eye in a mirror fills me with ________________. I love my ________________. I respect my ________________. And even if ________________ were to happen, or ________________ were to be taken away, I’m confident in my ability to ________________. No matter what.

Everything I have is here because I invited it—and created it.
Everything I lack is, in fact, available to me—if I truly want it.

My life is mine.  My life is ________________.  My life is Beautiful.

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