Crinkly Cleavage and Ugly Underarms?

Well…we already know according to the advertising, media and consumer worlds that we have serious issues with our cleavage, thighs, bottoms, tummies, cellulite, wrinkles, sun spots etc.  All are in desperate need of serious overhaul because they aren’t smooth enough, thin enough, or just…enough.  All have to be poked, prodded, creamed and dieted into conforming to what our culture currently sets as the beauty norm and therefore is seen as attractive and even acceptable.  Sigh.  It’s a full time job trying to keep up with all the body shame!

Well…I have some overtime for you but unfortunately it involves no pay, only some media literacy and the hope you will hold on to your consumer dollars.  Seems now there are two new kids on the block that we have to worry about, namely crinkly cleavage and ugly underarms.  Both can be fixed of course if you spend your hard earned and buy a product to fix yourself – but don’t open your wallet yet!

Firstly we have the issue of wrinkly boobs.  That’s not a typo.  Supposedly one of the first places that women wrinkle is in their cleavage area.  Who knew?  I certainly didn’t but then again it’s so hard keeping up with all the creams and potions I need to buy to combat wrinkles around my eyes and on my face.  I can’t be expected to keep up with everything!  You?  Of course all of our wrinkly cleavages can be reformed with a whole host of products described here ranging from a specific bra to outrageously expensive laser treatments.     

Then we have your underarms.  According to research by the beauty company Dove, 93 percent of women consider underarm area to be unattractive but what question/s have been asked to get that answer and with what agenda or purpose?  Clearly it is to sell products and in this instance, a new Dove deodorant that is claiming to make your underarms smoother and softer. But why do we have to promote products that prompt women to think about another area of their body that supposedly needs something to ‘fix’ it or make it more attractive? 

It’s your armpit.  Is it really even meant to be attractive?  Should the focus not be on ensuring the deodorant just works and gives you confidence you don’t have body odour?  My preference for a brand that has promoted real beauty so heavily would have been the message that as a confident, authentic, strong, beautiful woman you deserve a deodorant that WORKS and that you really shouldn’t worry about what your armpits look like.

I believe this sort of advertising and reporting stems from (depending on how you view it), either a conscious or sub-conscious attempt to get women to feel bad about their bodies which in turn will prompt them to purchase a product to make that feeling go away.  The irony (or not for the company if someone goes on to purchase the product) is that the damage is often done.  The advertising or feel of a campaign or story prompts body shame which may then never go away – at all – even if the product that can supposedly help is bought.  When you compound this with ever increasing advertising for anti-ageing, diet, weight loss and cosmetic surgery options on a large scale we find ourselves in a media saturated world of body shaming.

Don’t fall for it Beautiful You!  While you are entitled to buy any products you like, there’s something I’d like to tell you you aren’t allowed to do.  You’re not allowed to think your underarms are unattractive or your cleavage (wrinkled, smooth, bumpy, lumpy or whatever!) requires overhauling.  You’re divine and beautiful as you are.  And yes.  That includes your underarms and girl charms.  

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