Donna Hay ‘Drops’ Dress Sizes

The headlines screamed  ‘How Donna Hay Dropped Three Dress Size’together with a full length photo from the front page of the weekend newspaper.  The full colour story on one of Australia’s most well known chef’s, Donna Hay, could hardly have been missed.  I turned to the story afraid I was going to find details of a strict and dangerous diet but found….none.  The headline didn’t live up to what it said it was going to be – ie. HOW she lost weight, and I for one was pleased.

It still doesn’t negate the fact that we have such stories making the front page of our major newspapers when we have countries in the world in diplomatic crisis debate over the price of carbon and our environmental future, and concerns over just what are our crime statistics?  Are we really that fixated on learning about the weight loss and ‘body transformation’ stories of others?

In reading the story in full, I have to say that I actually quite like a number of things Donna said.  After spending twelve painful days in hospital with excruciating back pain, Doctors advised Donna she would need surgery which could be delayed if she strengthened her body.  Beginning a walking and then running regime – in other words – incorporating exercise into her life where previously there was none – saw Donna lose weight. I’ve recovered really well, but it’s made me more mindful about how I treat my body. I don’t lean over a set all day, and I swim as well as run, because varied exercises strengthens my back. I also greatly admire that Donna refused to state the details of how she lost the weight beyond increasing her exercise as she did not want to set up unrealistic expectations .  While a little sad to hear with people now telling her she looks so good, (making her wonder how ‘bad’ she looked before), I appreciate that she has steered this story in a direction that means she has been talking more about the functioning of her body rather than the way it looks.  We live in such an appearance obsessed world that sometimes I think we forget our bodies do amazing things – it’s not all about what they look like!

Now if we can only get the media to accurately report such stories it may help everyone.  Instead of screaming about ‘how to’s’ and ‘weight loss’ why not instead herald health stories, balance stories and personal achievements not just in body, but mind, spirit, giving and community as well.

What are your thoughts Beautiful You?  Are you over all of these transformational body stories?  Sick of weight loss headlines?  At the point where they just pass you by?   

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