Every Word Matters – Speak Kindly

Most people, unless they are terribly shy and non-communicative – talk alot.  Tens of thousands of words come out of our mouths every day, week and year.  I know we have all been in situations where some of those words we would like to have never said.  I surely have been there.  More than once too.  Then there are those magic times when we communicate in a way that is beautiful and makes our heart sing.  Those are the times we don’t want to take back – only remember.
I love this little print and saying by Dazey chic as it makes me really think about how every single word we utter can make a positive or negative difference to someone else’s life.  As someone who believes in the power of the words we speak to ourselves (both out loud and in our head), I also think this print is about inspiring us to speak kindly to ourselves.  Believe me when I tell you that learning to think and speak kindly to and about yourself is one of the most important building blocks to great self esteem – making it absolutely something worth doing.
You are a powerful and special person and your words matter.  Make them kind!

When you speak generously in this manner, you infuse another person with your pleasant emotion and make them feel liked, cared for, and valued.

The attribute of being nice, generous, and caring is defined as kindness. Being kind, on the other hand, is performing deliberate, voluntary acts of kindness. Not only when it’s simple to be nice, but also when it’s difficult to be nice.

Kindness is defined as the generous and true use of one’s time, talent, and resources to improve the lives of others, one’s own life, and the world via real acts of love, compassion, charity, and service. Furthermore, kindness entails a decision.

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