FOCUS….It’s your choice!

Recently I was asked “HOW do you stay positive EVERY DAY?”

My answer is SIMPLE…

Its a choice!

I don’t get up feeling deliriously happy inside, that would be its own kind of nightmare.


Everyday we get up and WE DECIDE what kind of day we will have.

Not the weather, the kids, our partner, our jobs or other people…US, WE CHOOSE!

When I wake up to rain, I never look outside and think arrghh rain 🙁

I think “YAY gumboots, greener grass, hot chocolates and rainbows”.

Sure I may be wired somehow to lean towards the brighter side but what I know for sure is this….

I have had too much crap in my short life to spend the rest of it NOT looking on the bright side. No matter where we are and what we are doing, there is ALWAYS something to be positive, thankful and happy about…

You just have to FOCUS on it and CHOOSE your feelings.

Today on Focused Friday, I want to ask you “What are you focused on?”

I invite you to spend a few minutes in Todd’s world. Todd and I go way back 😉

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