Gently… Gently…

For many, Winter has been a time of hibernation. People have made the sensible decision to stay warm and cosy indoors. With one of the coldest winters in years, it’s not surprising that people have struggled to find the motivation to move. Colds and flu’s and the can’t be’s have taken priority during this time but thankfully now that Springtime is finally here (yippee) our desire and motivation to move has naturally started to increase, we find ourselves busting out of our britches to get out from the confines of our homes to embark on our ‘get fit’ campaigns…

And so it begins. The onslaught of health and fitness adverts that aim to entice us out of hibernation, offering cheap membership deals, quick fixes and fitness programs that promise that in 6 weeks that ‘winter flab’ winter coat’ will be gone in no time in anticipation for the warmer months (and skimpier clothes). It seems we before we know it, we’ve been taken on that wonderful trip… to guiltville!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important as a trainer to tap into people’s motivation to help them achieve their health and fitness gaols, however what is more important is that we remember that people are humans and are well and truly aware of the things they haven’t been doing, the things they aren’t and definitely know what they ‘should’ be doing! We (and I most definitely include myself here) are our best and most powerful critics so there is no need to add more salt to those Winter wounds as all we end up doing is feeling worse about ourselves and our bodies.
So, be prepared for the trip to guiltville. Of course you can make the decision to go there or not but really try not to give yourself a hard time for not being as active over the past few months. Whilst you are spending precious energy cursing yourself for having some ‘downtime’ you are not empowerig yoursef for the here and now. Spring is here so welcome, it’s time to not only welcome the blossom and warmer temperatures (due soon I hope) but also the return of motivation… so it’s time to gently, gently come out of wherever you’ve been!

There is no need to be frantic or go flat out (as this will only lead to burn out and injury) and if Winter has been a restful time, it’s important to slowly reintroduce your body to the joys of moving. Ensure you warm up, cool down and stretch and progress the duration and intensity of your exercise sessions realistically. Don’t forget to fuel that body (fad diets will only make you feel worse) and keep that body hydrated so it can smile from the inside out.
If your activity levels didn’t change over Winter, Springtime is a great time to mix it up and start a new fun regime.We wish you a body positive day and a happy springtime!

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