Give Yourself the Present of Being Present

I’ve been there too you know.

That feeling when you quite literally think everything is falling in on top of you.  Overwhelmed.  Uncertain.  Tight.  Worried.  Like it’s never going to work out.  Never going to go away.

We all have.

You’re not alone.

And I’m the first person to admit that on some days it can be hard to shake it away but here’s what I do.  In a series of small but deliberate and successive moves.  And it works.

I stop.

I sit or stand in a comfortable position.

I take a big deep breath in with my eyes closed.

I open them and slowly and purposely gaze around me, letting my eyes fall on whatever is in front of me.

And I drink it in.

My cat.  The fruit bowl.  The growing magnolia tree.  Ellen on the TV.  A flickering candle. The smell of tonights curry.  The sound of a car door opening.

And I immerse myself in the gratitude of that moment.  Of how my cat cuddles me just when I need it.  How that mandarin in that bowl is going to be in my tummy later in the day.  How that magnolia tree not long ago was a tiny plant.  How I adore Ellen.  How I adore the smell of Seabreeze Glasshouse Candles.  How I am blessed to have a husband who is an amazing cook.  How its nice to know someone just arrived home safely.

I think only of the present moment and everything that surrounds me at that time.

I give myself the very deliberate, real and beautiful present of being present.

And suddenly things don’t seem so bad.

Because they so rarely aren’t.

Give yourself the present of being present beautiful you.  As often and as long as you need.

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