Lovely Links:

I got another shout-out from IFB in a piece on successfully monetizing your blog without compromising your ideals. Thanks IFB!

Is style imitation a threat or a compliment?

Grit and Glamour talks copyright basics for bloggers – how to use and credit images legally and respectfully.

Medicinal Marzipan is hosting a teen-focused week on her fabulous blog. She’s even collecting posts from various bloggers about how they felt about their bodies during their teen years. Amazing stuff, as always.

Newly obsessed with Atlantic-Pacific. Talk about amazing personal style!

Over at the Coffee Talk community, we chatted about kids and body image. Do your children struggle with self-esteem, and if so, how do you help?

On a related note, eating disorder specialist Janna Dean gives some suggestions for how to help cultivate good body image in your kids

Because we love ‘em but struggle to find cute ways to wear ‘em, four suggestions for outfits built around over-the-knee boots.

Love these suggestions for how to stay chic in the face of blizzard conditions. Sadly, this post is still quite appropriate to live in MN.

Elsita posted an outfit this week, and I sincerely hope she keeps it up! That lady has style for miles.

 Crystal Renn Speaks out about her weight fluctuations, media expectations, and standards of beauty.

And from the Department of Random: On a DIFFERENT trip to New York many years ago, I saw a  Keith Haring exhibit at the Whitney. I had always loved him. I left it worshiping him. It is the only visual art exhibit that has ever moved me to tears. This almost did, too.

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