Managing Your Day Job While Trying To Make Your Business and Blog A Success

Many entrepreneurs dream of quitting their day jobs and starting their own businesses. But for many, this is a difficult task. Juggling work and home life can be stressful, and it can be hard to find the time to focus on your business and blog. In this article, we will discuss some tips for managing your day job while trying to make your business and blog a success. We’ll help you figure out when and how to take time off, establish healthy work-life balance, and stay motivated throughout the process. Ready to take on the challenge? Let’s get started!

Does this sound familiar?

You have a beautiful little blog that you’re pouring your heart and soul into early mornings, at night and on the weekends.  It’s your baby and you’re wanting it to grow and touch more and more lives – if only your day job didn’t get in the way.


You have made the leap into starting your own beautiful little biz but you’re not able to work on it full time….yet.  You still have to work elsewhere to get in that steady income.  One day soon you won’t need it – you know that.  But for now need that job.

Managing Your Day

If this is ringing true for you at all, (and believe me when I tell you that I have been there and know the feeling), then you know the ‘tug of war’ I’m talking about.  The desperate desire to leap into what you really truly want to do all the time – but the practicalities of needing that steady income that, right now, only working for someone else can bring.  I’m going to write a post soon about how you go about making that transition into full time entrepreneurship – and in fact – it was what I was going to write about today.  But in thinking about it I know there is a step before then.  It’s about actually managing the day to day of juggling both of these worlds at the present time; while still planning for that big leap you know you will take one day.

Managing Your Day
Managing Your Day

So how do you cope with your heart being in another place where your biz or blog is, while you need to turn up to work everyday or even some days of the week somewhere else?  It can be done and done well beautiful you where you don’t feel so weighed down working for someone else.  Here are my best tips…

–       The most vital thing that I see many of my clients and therefore potentially you may need, is an attitude adjustment regarding how you are viewing your day job.  If you are hating on it and seeing it as the biggest drain on your business and blog – it’s time to rethink.  Try instead to flip your thinking and see that job with gratitude and grace for the fact it is providing you with the funds to even have your business and blog in the first place.  The peace of mind it is giving you financially is supporting your business and blog to even be possible.  You don’t have to love it – but expending energy on hating it doesn’t work for anyone.

–       Try to keep things separate as much as you can.  If you start taking long business calls while at your day job or blatantly blogging on work time – you will get icky feelings about it or even worse get caught.  Try to work things so you keep them clearly separated and clean.

–       Use your lunch break.  So many of us do not take proper lunch breaks even though we are all entitled to and get them.  Even though you may be ‘at’ or near your work this time is fully yours to do with as you please and is not included in the time I mention in the point above.  Therefore if you want to step out and check your phone messages and return business calls – look at your smart phone and reply to business or blog related emails – or even sit in a café with your personal tablet for the time you have allocated to you – you absolutely can.  Please don’t forget to have lunch and take a breather too!

–       Do everything you can to get very good at organisation and planning.  Sounds a wee bit boring I know but it will truly help you enormously.  Plan out your days, weeks and months in such a way that you have things like your blogging calendar, appointment diary and business meetings or clients all solidly scheduled.  Don’t forget to factor in time for business and blog development too because they are the things that will eventually see you be able to make the leap you want to into full time.

–       Be honest.  If your boss asks you what you do on your days off and you are running your own business – tell them.  If you have a website or blog it’s going to be pretty jolly hard to keep it from them anyway and so if asked, I think it’s just best to be upfront.  You never know – they may be incredibly supportive and even offer to support or assist.  I’ve known this to happy more than once!

–       Tell everyone you newly meet about what you do in your business and blog, regardless of the fact you may have a ‘day’ job.  You are missing out on opportunities to connect in with help, connections and even readers, customers and clients if you don’t.  It’s ok to proudly proclaim that your business or your blog is actually your REAL work and what you do for money right now – simply something that supports that to be possible.  See the difference in mindset there?  Own it!

–       Get support and ask for help.  Managing two worlds can be tricky and even tiring.  Access a great coach, mentor, friends or your special loved one for the support you need.  Ask for it.  It seems so simple but believe me when I tell you – it can make all the difference while you feel like you’re juggling lots of balls in the air.

I hope you find these helpful beautiful you.  Remember the first one in particular ok – little attitude adjustments about how we see things can take us a LONG way.

By managing your day job and making a blog, you may have doubled the amount of money that you were earning before. But to be successful, focus on what works for your blog and keep tweaking it until it becomes a powerhouse.

In case you are having trouble in managing your day job as well as your blog, feel free to give us a call. We can help you out with taking care of both at once!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the strategies you use to successfully manage your time at work?

1. Understand how you are using your time.
2. Maintain a regular schedule.
3. Prioritize.
4. Start with the most challenging task.
5. related jobs in a batch.
6. Decide on a suitable time frame.
7. Know when to refuse.
8. Do not multitask.

What makes a day successful?

The two most crucial steps to having a successful day are without a doubt planning your tasks and working hard to complete them. However, working nonstop without breaks and worrying excessively about completing your plans can drain your energy. Plan some frequent refreshing breaks to lessen both physical and mental exhaustion.

What are the 3 things that will help you manage your time?

Primary time management skills necessary for making effective use of your time include arranging your day, prioritising your tasks, and preparing ahead.

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