More of Me to Love is Green

Going Green is a very popular idea these days, but it’s about more than just recycling paper. Going Green is about a conscious attitude towards implementing environmentally sustainable practices and focusing on ways to ensure that our business is part of the solution rather than the problem.

Here are just a few of the things that More of Me to Love does to be a Green Organization.

– We use low-energy bulbs in our fixtures
– We have energy-preserving, double-paned windows, and most of the day we simply use natural lighting to light our offices
– We rarely use air-conditioning or heating, and when we do we keep them at moderate temperatures – take off your clothes or bundle up!
– We regularly shut off computers, printers and other equipment
– We send all of our contacts, newsletters and information via electronic mail rather than printing paper and sending snail-mail
– Our offices contain many plants
– Half of our employees walk, ride bikes or take public transportation to work
– We recycle all paper, plastic, aluminum, etc.
– We use only recycled and recyclable packing peanuts and supplies
– We reuse packing supplies whenever and wherever we can
– We support the use of local, sustainable, organic meats, fish and produce that have a minimal environmental impact

How do you think we’re doing? What else can we do to be a better, greener company?

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