My friend says she is fat- what should I do?

I have a friend who talks about what she ate, how bad it made her feel and how fat she is all the time.  Seriously all the time!  On Facebook, Twitter, text and oh yes in real life.

What should I do to help her STOP body-bashing constantly and start living a full life, one where she can actually live and enjoy things other than poor body image and guilt over eating food?  I decided that with all my research and my very public stance against Body Bashing and talking negatively about food, that it was time to take it to the next level.

I confront this person EVERY time they make a comment about a food being “bad” or feeling “bad” for eating some food they describe in detail.  Or grabbing their side or tummy in front of me “showing” me how fat they are.  I decided that the best way to combat this behavior is to address it each and every time.

Do I sound like a nag?  Perhaps, I do, but I found out quickly it really awakened my friend to the amount of Body Bashing and Negativity about Food that is in her life.  Because she was shocked that I was no longer sharing stories about life, and instead constantly saying, “No Body Bashing, you owe me a Quarter”.

I learned that confronting Body Bashing head on is the BEST way to combat it.  It may seem like you are nagging, but Body Bashing and speaking negatively about food is such an acceptable part of society, the only way to call attention to it, is to keep saying it is NOT.  Right then and there.

I urge you to take charge today!  Stand up and tell your friends to stop Body Bashing!

Finally Free,

Bridget Loves

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