New Years Resolutions Diets

Earlier this week I posted the first of this now three part post on the very powerful pull towards dieting at  new year.  It’s a great idea to read that post here before launching into this second part.

It never fails to amaze me how pervasive the diet and weight loss industry machine is at this time of year.  The television ads are screaming that we ‘need’ this fat blasting pill or weight loss program and all our dreams of happiness and success will come true.  Even the morning tv shows are filled with outrageous stories on the need to go on a soup diet to shake that post Christmas eating.  It’s insidious and designed to do nothing more than get people to spend a load of money on false promises that will harm their self esteem and relationship with food and exercise.

Many of these diets and weight loss programs will be marketed to people in a disguised form, trying to give the impression they are not actually a diet, but rather a needed healthy lifestyle change or program.  Please be very careful about these ‘traps.’  If in doubt or confused by the marketing hype, this is my personal list of things to be wary of.  If any diet, program, health initiative, lifestyle change or fat loss product tries to get you to do any of the following – please be aware it is a fad, dangerous and harmful to your mental and physical health…

– Anything that involves an invasive short term procedure like this one

– Anything that attacks your self esteem and body image like this.

– Anything that involves you spending large sums of money

– Anything that involves you weighing and measuring every piece of food you eat

– Anything that involves you taking to a ‘consultant’ that has no psychological or nutritional qualifications

– Anything that is so nutritionally deficient you are required to take large amounts of supplements

– Anything that involves you exercising more than 30 mins on average per day

– Anything that requires you to eat large amounts of pre-packaged food

– Anything that involves the cutting out of entire food groups

– Anything that involves the replacement of a regular meal with a liquid shake, bar or the like

– Anything that is mostly liquid based, often disguised as a detox or cleanse

– Anything that warns you in advance you will feel hungry when you start it

– Anything that recommends you don’t eat three meals a day with snacks

– Anything that involves diet, weight loss or fat loss pills

Are you aware of any other things to look out for?  I am certain there are more, so please leave a comment and share your wisdom with others.

Now that we are at the end of Part Two of this triple post (originally just a double but it’s had such a great response on Facebook and Twitter I thought it worth going into more depth) I hear you asking – ‘But if dieting is not the answer to weight loss – what is?  How do I do it?’  I’ll be posting Part Three to this series tomorrow and to give you a little heads up, it’s going to centre on the very powerful concept of BALANCE, involve doing radical things like sleeping well and encouraging you to get a manicure or a massage.  WHAT?  Yes – a manicure and a massage!

In the meantime though for anyone who truly believes in their heart they need or want to lose weight I have a question for you to ponder.  Instead of asking yourself “how” can I lose weight, ask yourself “why” do I want to lose weight?  It is a much more soul searching and potentially life enhancing question to ponder.  Who knows.  The answer you find may just change your mind about your current weight loss desires all together.

See you all tomorrow.

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