People With Eating Disorders Come in All Shapes and Sizes

People send me the most amazing things.  And this postcard is certainly one of them. 

Experiencing an eating disorder, or indeed any mental illness, can be a lonely and isolating experience.  I have often heard from people experiencing eating disorders that they have this feeling of isolation very acutely because people around them struggle to believe they are unwell.  In many instances people believe it is only if you are emaciated that you have a serious eating disorder or indeed are unwell at all.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are people all around you that may be experiencing an eating disorder but you simply don’t know.  Why?  Because you cannot tell if someone has an eating disorder simply from their appearance.  Eating disorder sufferers come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and of course can be either gender.  All deserve empathy, compassion, understanding and access to the best treatment possible to begin a path to recovery. 

Heart felt thanks She Takes  for drawing this beautiful postcard.  It’s poignant and beautiful.  Not unlike yourself.

Can you relate to an experience of people not ‘seeing you’ or what might have been really going on because of your appearance?  I think more of us have than we know.

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