Remembering The Sandy Hook Children at Christmas

A Prayer for Our Collective Wellness…

-There comes a time in every child’s life when they stop believing in Santa. Something shifts and the magic is lost. They start to believe instead, that this world is hateful and harsh. They lose hope, they put away their dreams.

For the 20 children who’s lives were cut so tragically short 1 week ago, the magic of the holidays will live forever.

-My wish this year, my prayer, is that the spirit, the faith and the love that those tiny angels carried shines exponentially brighter as they take their place among the stars.-By their wings and wands, may we be blessed with a snow flurry of stardust that shifts our collective spirit and brings forth a magical and forgotten love for each other, and for ourselves.

It seems as though, now, we need it more than ever.

-May we feel in our hearts the faith and wonder that we had as small children, and live in this world with respect and awe for life. May we return to a belief that all is connected, loving and good.-As a country, may we heal, as a world, expand, as a person, believe.

May the magic of the holidays be with you all year through.-With love and tomatoes,

P.S. –  The greatest purpose of my work is to cultivate love through personal wellness. This email comes with just one message – to spread love. If this message touches your heart, please, forward it on. Love begins with a shared smile and grows through our connection to each other. Love conquers all.

I wish you the happiest of holidays and a celebratory start to 2022. I look forward to supporting you to create balance, health and love in your life in the new year to come.

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