Sacred Self’s ‘Big’ Body Image Ideas

 When I called submissions outlining ideas on how we could become a more ‘body positive’ Australia I received a wonderful email reply from Michelle McGrath of sacred self .Michelle has kindly agreed to let me post her response and she has also given me a deck of her divine self love cards .Read on to learn how to enter and enjoy Michelle’s wonderful words below.

“The biggest challenge with body image is promoting behavioural change within society.  It has to be a continual influx of daily reminders and subliminal messages that we are bombarded by with so that little-by-little we change our thoughts, beliefs, words actions.  Let’s all encourage a cultural shift and involve the media, advertising industry, health and educational sectors.  Let’s work together to focus and promote messages about what is beautiful and unique about each one of us, in all our shapes, sizes, nationalities and creeds.  This could and will create a huge shift in consciousness.  If it can work in a negative way (as it currently does), then it could certainly work in a positive way by shifting the focus to put more attention on celebrating the diversity of all human beings, and respecting our differences.  

What is most important is encouraging what we have in common so that we can come together in unity.  We all want to be loved and we all want to be accepted for who we are.  We look externally for validation and are never satisfied.  Who can honestly say they feel better about themselves by flicking through the pages of a glossy magazine?

I strongly believe it should be mandatory for the media to state when something has been manipulated and airbrushed. It’s just irresponsible to let readers imagine that people really look that way.  Even worse, to imply that you too can look like that too by merely using a particular eye-shadow or skin care range.  Here’s an even more radical idea – how about no airbrushing?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one of our women’s magazines could be a pioneer for the industry, and say ‘ok enough, we will no longer use airbrushing AT ALL in our magazine’.  We will commit to using models who are a realistic representation of the variety of shapes and sizes that exist and be authentic.  We will make it a part of our mission to inspire and uplift women to embrace their inner beauty.  Can you imagine how empowering and exciting that would be? 

Let’s create programs with health departments that positively encourage self-love and self-acceptance and collaborate with schools and universities.  Let’s teach meditation, stress-relief techniques and health and wellbeing programs in all schools.  I’m certain that many programs would be supported by wonderful health practitioners.  Who could say no to being involved in supporting such a cultural change and encouraging positive self-esteem programs on a wide scale?
What I am saying is nothing new but it has to start by encouraging positive self-esteem programs in schools and educational institutions.  

 If we could learn these important life skills from a young age and teach programs that promote self-love and acceptance, then maybe we could prevent or decrease the rising statistics of health issues such as eating disorders, depression and suicide.  Would it not be more beneficial for governments to focus and invest in the healthy prevention of these issues, rather than the billions spent on pharmaceutical drugs and medical bills?  Let’s create something new together here in Australia and inspire everyone’s upliftment – let’s create a world of self-love and acceptance and be role models for the rest of the world.”

What can I say Michelle?  Your words are filled with such wisdom and I so appreciate all the time and effort you have gone to contribute.  You already make the world a more body positive place by all of the amazing things you do through Sacred Self.  

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