Share Your Dreams With…Everyone!

I recently saw actress Eva Mendes interviewed for The Today Show.

For most of the time she spoke about her new role as the spokesperson of a perfume, but like many interviews there were more personally based questions asked of her as well.  One of those questions was if she had a big goal or dream that she was working towards, which came after she commented she was very proud of all she had achieved in her career considering she had come from very humble beginnings, where her family struggled to make ends meet.  Her immediate response was a quite bristle like –

“I don’t talk about my goals.  I don’t think people should disclose their dreams or goals.  I think once you do there’s a certain element of ego that gets involved and then it ceases to have a deep meaning.”

While cradling my morning cup of tea I will admit to being quite shocked at her response to the question.  I had never heard of anyone that thought about what they wanted to achieve in their life in such a way.  At first I wasn’t certain if maybe my response was related to the fact that I thought she bit back at the question a little (and subsequent ones after) which I didn’t think was warranted.  Then I simply realised it was more that I just didn’t agree with her perspective about goals and dreams, which, of course, is absolutely fine.  We can never expect we will agree with everyone on everything.


But here’s my take…

If you’re truly serious about wanting to achieve a goal or dream then you should share it and talk about it with absolutely everyone who will listen to you gab on.

Why?  Because when you openly share your goals and dreams with other people…

Be prepared to be amazed at how many people will offer to help you

Pony up for the fact that someone just may know someone who knows someone who can make a connection to get you on your way or even entirely achieve what you want

Revel in the fact you will feel alive and glowing when you openly talk about something that inspires and excites you

Be amazed at how your enthusiasm for wanting to achieve something will inspire others around you in direct and even indirect ways

Don’t get too upset when people tell you how jazzed they are for you that you are doing something incredible, chasing down something amazing and living the life you truly want

Get on board with the inevitable that once you share your dreams and hopes and wishes with others and they love you and support you to achieving them – that you will not only be more likely to reach and get what you want in that instance – but you’ll be motivated then achieve more and more

There just may be no stopping you.

So I say share your dreams Beautiful You.  Share them and talk about them and let the enthusiasm and cheering of others help guide and even catapult you towards achieving them.  What you want is important – even vital.  Share on.

People are waiting to hear from you.

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