Smile, You Are Alive.

Smile can be easy to lose sight of the obvious sometimes.

We all live such busy lives with numerous stresses, pulls, needs and wants, often striving for more and more.  Such striving does not necessarily have to be for ‘things.’  It can be a striving to be better, thinner, more beautiful, a stronger Mother, a more attentive partner, a more loving daughter.  It can be anything.

What this can add up to is a niggly or sometimes even very loud feeling and sense of not being ‘enough.’  The ability to just ‘be’ becomes harder, and in turn, so does our ability to be grateful for everything we have and are.

Smile, You Are Alive.

Now that’s an attitude of gratitude. 

When I first saw this little saying and drawing it made me stop and think about how often I might wish to have something or be a particular way, forgetting that I am incredibly blessed and already have the basis of everything I need.  I’m alive.  I breathe in and out on my own.  I sleep, eat, love and am loved. 

While we all want our lives to be amazing and wonderful and creations of our wildest dreams, sometimes it’s powerful to remember that if we are living we are already so much more fortunate than the many we may know who are no longer with us.  It’s about being grateful for the very simplest of things we have, that really, aren’t that simple at all.

A life truly is a wondrous gift.

What are you grateful for right in this moment Beautiful You?  What are the simplest of things or feelings that are seeing you smile and marvel that you get to be here on earth and be you?

Smile is the best attitude to have in life. It not only makes you happy but also helps others around you. Let us know if this article has helped you or not.

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