Soul Work and NLP

Many of you have watched my journey and the evolution of it unfold across the past four years since I left advertising and became an entrepreneur, coach and self-improvement expert. When I first met with a coach, what I told her is that I wanted a new life. Mission accomplished, ten-fold. And I’m so glad for it all.As you may have seen if you get messages from me in your inbox, I’m days away from completing my Master Training in NLP – a training in neuroscience that allows me to help you move the blocks and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck so you can get out of the way of your own happiness and come into deeper connection with yourself. (You can learn more and book a session here.) I consider it a magical elixir for getting the life, relationships, confidence, body, success, and balance that you seek, by continuously going to the source of the decision-making process guiding your actions – your unconscious mind.Across my training journey I was asked to dive deeply into my own life experience, so that I could be more fully available to you when you show up needing to work through the toughest stuff you’ve encountered in your life. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t always enjoyable. There were times I questioned myself, my relationship, my purpose, my reason for doing this work, just about all of it was put to the test this year. (Check out other recent blogs for more of those life lessons).It’s all part of what Debbie Ford made famous as “shadow work”. Shadow work, if you are not familiar, is personal growth work that addresses the soul. Sounds deep, right?At a recent Wisdom 2.0 talk, Arianna Huffington said that, “LIFEe is shaped from the inside out.” This, simply put, is the essence of shadow work. Here’s how this pain can show up in your life:

  • a deep longing inside for more than what you’re experiencing in your life
  • a slowly creeping depression that leaves a dark cloud over your life more often than not
  • a frustration that you’re not “there” yet (wherever “there” is)
  • an endless search for something to fill a happiness void…food, new clothes, a partner, vacation, a new job
  • a feeling that you are “phoning in life” or that it is passing you by insignificantly
  • a disconnection from what makes you feel happy and whole and loving and giving
  • chronic illness. weight or pain that compromises your health or body
  • boredom, anger, sadness or loneliness that keep you feeling alone or separate from love

This is what it feels like to be deficient in a spiritual side of you that connects to something deeper, larger, greater than you.This is a lack of connection to where you came from – love – be it your belief is from a higher being, a Universal energy or a scientific force. Disconnection to what makes you come alive is the source of your pain and many failed relationships as well. How can we possibly give all of ourselves to another when we can’t give all of ourselves fully to our own self?

It’s my experience that most of us have felt this lack, this sadness and this dissatisfaction that I described above at one time or another and when we do, we hide it. And yet we all go through it. 

We crave more, but feel less, and it’s because we are endlessly searching for what is already within us, but that we have disconnected from, or don’t want to feel, or don’t have time to bother with.

This is what’s missing in the world today and it’s my mission to help my clients to connect to themselves and to life with consciousness, compassion and love so they can feel whole, happy and alive.

So you can feel loved and alive from the inside out. 

I honor the part of you that is deeply craving more and I welcome you to continue tapping into the journey that is unfolding for you here.

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