With the warmer days taking a little longer to arrive than expected, I thought we may need a little excitement here at Body Positive to ensure we are ready for (and chanting) ‘spring’ in anticipation of the season to come! If like me, you feel that it has been far too long between a decent dose of Vitamin D, here are a few Body Positive boosters that will certainly bring sunshine back into your world!

S – Skip yourself fit! Skipping is not only an excellent form of exercise it is also a cheap and portable way to ensure you can get your heart, lungs and body working anywhere and anytime! Although many of us may still associate this fun, fitness friendly activity with our primary school days (I’m thinking Jump Rope for Heart), it is in fact a great aerobic workout, which will increase coordination and help shape and strengthen those arms and shoulders. Let’s remember,“exercise should be fun, otherwise, you won’t be consistent.”

P – Positive thinking! With a new season comes an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start a fresh! It is more than normal to feel a little weary (both physically and mentally) towards the end of winter… so lets ‘spring clean’ our minds and spend a little time getting back to looking at that glass half full! Concentrate on the things that you like about yourself for the month of September, activities and hobbies that make you happy and positive people that make you smile.

R – Rejuvenation! Let’s welcome Vitamin D into our world again by opening up those windows and doors; cause here comes the sun (Yippee)! That’s right, it is time to rejuvenate and treat ourselves in celebration of the warmer months and we are going to start with three very basic tips to help bring back that ‘spring in your step’ –

  • Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. This not only helps flush the body of by – products but it will also help you to feel more energetic when exercising as it aids in fuelling the muscles.
  • Use a moisturiser with a substantial SPF. The purpose of using SPF moisturizers is so that you can be outside having fun while not having any worries about the UV rays from the sun.
  • Stretch your body. The benefits to stretching are endless, in fact one of these days I may just have to dedicate an entire blog to this very topic, today however we are going to stick to just one teeny, tiny benefit… it helps us FEEL GOOD!

I – Inventive! Too often we think of exercise as means to an end or just another weekly chore in our oh so busy schedules. Here at Body Positive we love new and creative ways to get the body moving, knowing all too well that each and every client is different, and therefore requires a training/exercise program that is unique to there likes/dislikes. No matter what fitness level or personality type you are there is something out there for you… so stop stalling and start searching! Let’s get inventive!

N – Natural Living! With many of us (naturally) feeling a little sluggish towards the end of the sleepy season, spring becomes a time where we see too many clients engaging in ‘quick fix’ and fad diets with the fear of warmer days (and fewer layers) drawing near. This year lets bypass the panic and get off the roller coaster and instead focus on natural living! By disengaging from the vicious cycle we can sometimes find ourselves in with food and exercise – lets once again get back to basics by introducing plenty of fresh, colourful and well balanced meals into our weeks, more water (and less caffeine and alcohol), complete with active bodies and minds throughout the day and calm, restful bodies and minds at night to recharge the batteries. How much nicer does that sound than the lemon detox diet… And guess what, it actually works!

G – Girl Time! There are very few things in life that can top some good old-fashioned quality time with the girls! Be it a night out (dancing) with your besties, an afternoon of cooking with your sister, or a long luxurious bath, fav female tunes and a good book… do yourself a favour and pencil in a date with you soul sister/s this month to warm yourself from the inside out!

Stay tuned for plenty of Body Positive talk in the coming months!

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