The Epitome of YES

The Epitome of YES.

One of my biggest fears (c’mon, we all have them) is the word “YES”. Don’t get me wrong, I love the potential it holds – with greatness lurking just beyond its mere utterance.

But before I can get to that – before I can even utter that three letter word – there’s an unraveling which must occur. A testing of one toe in the water. A check of all that can go wrong and all that I’ll be committing to beyond that point of no return.

A mental rundown, if you will, of all the reasons to say “No.”

Because yes means more. And sometimes I can be vastly afraid of more. It’s just on the underbelly of less, which often comes from asking for more, expecting too much, reckless abandon towards belief and freedom of expression and full-out-love.

And that can be scary. There’s no control in the YES. There’s just the unknown, limitless possibility of whatever you seek – be it love, freedom, success, truth or simply some peace of mind.

Now is the time. You must choose.

Option one: Stick with what you know. Goals and results. They’re predictable. They’re controllable. And if they get out of hand, at least you know how to clamp down, jump ship and never, truly lose – because the investment was low to begin with.

Or option two: Be an uncontrollable YES. To life, to love, to the journey that unfolds – without any understanding of where it’s leading or any limit on how great it can get. Because you deserve it. You desire it. And you damn well know how to make it happen – if you simply believe there’s no limit to how great it can get.

So today…throw away the “no’s”, the “Maybe’s” and the “Uh-uh’s”. Cast aside the “Yes-but”, “Yes or”, and the “Wait and see’s”.

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