The Personal Touch – Your Secret Life and Business Weapon

Do you want to make a difference in the world, but don’t know where to start? Then you need to read this! In this post, we’re going to discuss the importance of having the personal touch when it comes to business. We’ll discuss the different ways that a personal touch can benefit your business, and give you tips on how to give it to your customers. You won’t want to miss this!

What does someone having ‘the personal touch’ or giving something ‘the personal touch’ mean to you?

It will of course mean different things to us all, but something I’m seeing more and more is that what was once considered a lovely personal touch or gesture is now considered to be a grand gesture, something that is way above and beyond what we usually expect.  And the crux of what that actually means?  I think, a little sadly, it means we are losing the personal touch in our lives and businesses, creating chasms of space between us as a whole.  And I think technology is likely to be the big partner in crime here, as the portal that is allowing us to make it happen.

The Personal Touch – Life and Business Weapon

Here are some examples as to what I mean.  Do you see yourself or maybe someone you know in them?

– We have ‘conversations’ with people via sms.  Conversations that once upon a time would only ever have happened in person about things like how we feel about each other and life quandaries.  Not just I’m going to be running late or do we need bananas.

– We have to talk to four different layers of computer generated voices or commands before we get to speak with someone ‘live,’ when that’s all we’ve rung to do in the first place.

– We have to go through a multitude of clicks, backflips and screenings when we email someone we might like to work with or buy something from, before we actually get any personal contact with them.  Even an email.

These are just some.  Not all by any means, but just some I see cropping up a lot.

The sms one I have known to have dire consequences – and of course such exchanges can also happen just as easily via email.  So often they can turn very sour, very quickly, or simply be misinterpreted in the simplest and most innocent of ways, but with a not so simple outcome.  A word is misconstrued.  An ironic tone missed.  An offence taken when none was intended, and something that was innocuous, is now something that needs to be dealt with alongside hurt feelings and potential fractured relationships.  I think it’s happening more and more.

And in the entrepreneurial world I see business owners (even solo ones like me) wanting to do things like streamline more and more so they do less of things like not just invoicing or managing their accounts, but especially I see it with replying to enquiries and even engaging with clients.  While I’m all for people freeing up their time to absolutely do what they do best (that’s totally smart!) to not respond personally to such emails I think is a mistake.  I have lost count of the number of times that people have said to me that one of the defining reasons they made the decision to work with me as their coach was that right from the outset they received personal attention and had all their questions answered by the person they were going to be working with, i.e. me!

So…here’s a little challenge for beautiful you in both your life and business too if you have one.  Work and live smart, not hard, but do keep in mind that the more you distance yourself from others, (both consciously and sub-consciously), the less likely you are to truly connect with people.  And make no mistake about it – true connection is where all the good stuff in life and business occurs.  Including a flow to you of better relationships, deeper friendships, and yes, more clients and customers too.

We really hope that this blog was able to provide you with some valuable insights about the importance of the personal touch in your business dealings. Whether you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, a personal touch can go a long way in building rapport and trust with your customers. By showing that you care, they are more likely to return and recommend you to their friends and associates. Take some time to reflect on what we’ve written and see if it can help you improve your business practices. Stay tuned for more blog posts in the near future!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does personal touch mean in business?

an original or unique trait, or something done for each and every member of a group to make them feel special: The bank’s chairman values personalization and always sends a signed letter to each customer.

Why is it important to use a personal touch?

Each individual can actualize it in their own special way, based on their own interests and needs. It is critical to deliver a product or service that you would purchase yourself. Then and only then will you be able to make a difference.

What is your personal touch?

an original or unique trait, or something done for each and every member of a group to make them feel special: The bank’s chairman values personalization and always sends a signed letter to each customer.

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