The Power of Pausing

It’s such a small thing. The power of pausing.

But it can make such a difference in your life.  In immeasurable ways.  For the better.

What is this small thing?

It’s pausing.

You might be wondering what the big deal is about with me suggesting to get your pause on – but I so often share it as a compelling action for both  counselling and coaching clients to take.  And it gets amazing results.  Could it also be something that beautiful you could use too?  Let’s see where pausing or stopping or slowing down can be of most help to you…

When you’re eating.  If you want to learn the benefits of mindful and positive eating (and who doesn’t want that!) then one of the first things you will learn to do is slow down how quickly you eat.  When we ‘shovel’ food into our mouths we are missing out on the joy of so many things to do with food such as the smell, texture, appearance and yes, even taste.  Slowing down and pausing between mouthfuls to really taste your food and savour it’s flavour will make you feel so much more satisfied with what you are eating, making you feel less inclined to go searching for more food because you haven’t had the sensory experience you truly wanted.

When you’re tempted to gossip.  We all probably like to think we don’t gossip but in truth I think it’s pretty rampant.  Especially when we are true to ourselves and admit that gossip is not just outright bitching, but can be simply talking about others lives or appearance or relationships or anything that could see us go beet red if caught by that person chatting away about.  I have written about the power of committing to  give up gossip and one of the best ways you can start to do that is by pausing before opening it.  Your mouth that is!  Just think for a moment – is this really necessary?  Is what I am about to say going to add value to my world or someone else’s?  No?  Shhhhhhh.

When you’re upset.  Any kind of upset – sad, angry, frustrated, worried.  Rushing into making decisions or even saying or doing anything seemingly small when you’re upset is not a great idea.  Even just a small pause or moment of reflection before you commit to doing something can make the world of difference.  The difference between getting in a car and dangerously driving off – or remaining on the couch and having a therapeutic cry.  The difference between saying something you may regret for a long time – or going outside and taking some deep cleansing breaths while you think about what’s best for you to do next.  The difference between running away or facing up and moving forward.

When you feel nothing is going your way.  While it may feel that way and even like the whole world is tumbling around you, there is  always so much to be grateful for.  It’s hard to find this gratitude though when you are dealing with persistent negative thoughts.  Put the brakes on them for a moment and  to help you regain some perspective.

When you’re making a big decision.  If it’s big then it deserves big pause.  When you stop, take your time and truly tune in to what your heart and soul is telling you – you will hear your best and most intuitive self.  Your heart will speak to you and guide you as to what is the best decision for you to make.  It’s hard to hear and delve into that if you don’t create the space you need in your life to hear your true voice.  It’s there – in the space where you pause.

I’m sending you many good wishes and beautiful pauses this week and beyond.  Have you ever considered how powerful pausing can be to you and your life?  Have a story to share about how slowing down and pausing has helped you or that you are now inspired to pause more?  I’d love to read your comments.

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