Want to Move Beyond Your Fear? Then Move!

moment it feels to me like there is tonne of fear circulating through the Universe.  This could simply be my radar, but I’m seeing it and hearing it from a lot of different places.  Mostly I’m hearing it from brilliant, beautiful and talented people which just does not seem right.  Some are my much admired  life coaching or  business coaching clients, some are peers, some are friends and some even family.

And I’m over it.

Harsh right?

I know.

It’s not really meant to sound that way BUT, in a way it IS meant too as well.


Because if it’s one thing that really makes me a combination of both sad and mad it’s seeing brilliant, beautiful and talented people stopped dead in their tracks because of fear.  Because of what might be.  Because of might not be.  Because of what she might think.  Because of what he might say.  Because it may not work.  Because it may work.  Because I might not get it.  Because I will get it.

All of these things or fears you may notice have one big thing in common.  None of them have actually happened yet.  They are fears that are created inside someone’s mind before they’ve even occurred, meaning of course – they may never happen.  And they likely won’t.  Or even if they do, the imagined catastrophe of what will result will be nowhere near as big as the imagined version that has been playing inside someone’s mind on repeat.

Of course we all have fears and yes, that means me too.  At the recent both myself and the other panellists spoken openly about how we had often been fearful of the next step, or taking big leaps in our businesses, and that fears still did come up and still had to be dealt with, even now that we are running successful businesses.  In many circumstances in life – fear doesn’t simply go away just because we don’t like it or want it to be around.  It doesn’t work like that.  But just because it’s there doesn’t mean it needs to be entertained or succumbed to.  Not at all.  

In fact I believe that feeling fear means the opposite of what many people assume it means.  When fear rises up we often take it as a sign that we are not meant to do something, should pull back, should slow down, should stop.  I wonder how we would deal with fear in our lives if instead of thinking this way we instead immediately saw it as…

A sign we are being positively challenged

An indication that clearly what we want to achieve is something important and worth fighting for

A reason to keep striving through to the next level

A learning that we are meant to dive deeper into and use as a platform to become more self-aware and self-actualising 

Fear can mean all these things and so much more.  It does not have to be a negative sign but in fact a positive one that newer and brighter things are just around the corner.  But here’s the thing beautiful you….to get those newer and brighter things – those things you want that are beyond – way beyond – your fear, you have to do one very important thing.

Take action.

The only way to move beyond fear is to move.  It’s to take action and with your heart and soul and body send a message to your fear that you will not be stopped.  You will not become stagnant and a prisoner to worries about things that have not happened.  You’re not just a dreamer – you’re a doer.  And in taking that action you know that you are being more loyal and committed to what you want rather than what may be.

So beautiful you…

Pick up the phone and ask them out.

Put in that job application.

Press publish on that website.

Say yes to that invitation.

Do what needs to be done.

Step out.

Step up.

Claim it.

These are the only ways.  The only way through fears and indecision and worries.

And when you do so, to me that makes you amazing.  I mean that.  You’re in the arena, on the web, at that interview, or wherever you need to be and you’re doing it while others are just thinking about it or allowing their imagined fears to hold them back.  If you’re doing it and you’re in action you’re the best of the very best.

The best of the very best.

And you can do it.  You know you can.  Now show your fear you can too.

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