Wear What You Want – When You Want

Wearing the clothes that you want is something that many people take for granted. But for those who have difficulty dressing for their body type or who just don’t like certain styles, wearing what others tell you is “in” can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve put together this list of clothing tips that will help you wear what you want, when you want. From choosing the right outfit style to breaking free from restrictive fashion norms, these tips will help you embrace your personal fashion style and look great every time!

The Universe was sending me a sign this week that I had to write this post with the simple premise that I wanted to let you, Beautiful You, know that it’s ok to wear whatever you want, whenever you want.  Now of course I don’t mean for you to do anything that is going to see you charged with public indecency (!), rather, I want to encourage you to feel liberated to wear what makes you feel amazing.  Where has this inspiration come from?

Wear What You Want

Well…they say things come in threes and they certainly came to me in this way with stories relating to former model Elle McPherson, reality television star Billie Faiers and and British X Factor judge Cheryl Cole.  All women in one way or another were written about in a way recently that questioned the appropriateness of what they were wearing.  It was not just a situation like the one recently where fashion writer Maggie Alderson criticised Vanessa Hudgens for her dress choice.  It was about calling into question the ‘appropriateness’ of the clothing and shoe choices of each of them for what they happened to be doing at that time.

Wear What You Want
Wear What You Want

So there you have it! A well-rounded list of tips to help the women who are not that comfortable wear what you want. We have also discussed how fashion can positively impact your confidence and self-esteem, which means that you should be free to experiment more with clothes and accessories.

One thing we would like to add is that when it comes to outfit choices, don’t just follow your intuition. Before making any decision, ask yourself whether this outfit makes you feel confident or happy! Once you do this step right, anyone can be an expert in fashion!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should wear what you want?

Most people wear what they think others expect them to wear. But why do we do this? And is it really true that other people’s expectations dictate how we should dress?
When you put on a particular piece of clothing, you are sending a message about who you are and what kind of person you deem worthy of your attention. This may be positive (like when wearing something sexy or flattering) or negative (when wearing something uncomfortable or unflattering).
The way that our outfits communicate to those around us has a significant impact on the way we feel emotionally and mentally. For example, when we’re feeling down, dressing in depressing clothes can increase our feelings of sadness and despair. Wearing more comfortable clothes can have the opposite effect by boosting our mood and alleviating some stressors associated with daily life.
So remember: don’t let other people’s opinions govern how you dress; instead, use fashion as an outlet for expressing yourself creatively and achieving your personal goals!

Is it a right to wear whatever you want?

According to Article 19 of the UDHR, wearing clothes—or, to be more precise, selecting which clothes to wear—is for many people an essential component of expression.

Does it matter what you are wearing?

In addition to having an impact on your productivity and self-confidence, Northwestern University researchers discovered that the clothes you wear might alter your perspective. One experiment required test participants to wear either a lab coat similar to that worn by a doctor, a coat similar to that worn by a painter, or neither coat.

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