What Needs to GO on Your Path to PRO

So often when we are thinking about running a successful business, (or even may I add a successful life), we think about the things we need to do, buy, engage in, meet, create and so much more.  We don’t necessarily give a great deal of thought to what we have to let go or get rid of, or even banish to the high hills.  But there is always at least one thing that we need to take a clear but self-compassionate look at and ask ourselves the sometimes difficult question of ‘Is this really serving me and helping me and my business be its beautiful best?’  The answer and what you do about it can be the difference between amazing entrepreneurship and a business ride that is just so-so.  I’m thrilled today to have guest posting for us Stephanie Pollock, an incredibly successful business owner, on what you might need to let GO of to really go PRO in your business. 

easy to believe that Going PRO means adding more — more followers, more social media channels, more customers, more fans, more dollars, more effort.

And parts of this are true.

But equally, if not more importantly, is what has to go if you wanna turn PRO.

Because sometimes it has way less to do with what else you need to be doing, and way more to do with what you don’t.

Need some inspiration? Consider letting go of:

The clients that never quite felt like a fit (but you took anyway)
The overwhelming to-do list that you KNOW you’ll never get done
The fear that marketing is bad and slimy
The product, the program, the service that no longer aligns
The business rule-book you thought you had to follow to be successful
The itty-bitty-shitty-committee that tells you that you aren’t good enough
The fear that’s driving your decisions (or lack thereof)
The need to do it perfectly — so much so that you don’t ever put it out there
The business networking group that doesn’t feel like your trib

The nasty feedback from others who aren’t in the arena
The rigid schedule that keeps you beating yourself up for not following
The never-ending compare-and-despair cycle that keeps you playing small
The service providers (designers, VAs, bookkeepers etc.) who aren’t listening to what you need
The newsletter/podcast/telesummit (insert yours here) that you resist and rail against doing week after week
The fear that you’ll never reach your potential
The belief that great money also means great sacrifice / work / effort
The need to say yes to everyone who asks you for anything
The over-thinking, over-analyzing and over-complicating — everything!
The decision to work every.single.night (and weekends too)
The worry that charging more might leave you with less
And anything that just feels too hard for way too long

And I’m sure there are others…

Here’s the real truth — when you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else. So today be mindful of what you’re saying yes to – what you’re holding onto that’s keeping you playing small.For your business and life to thrive, you need to be exceptionally intentional about choosing the path that brings you closer to what you really want. And be incredibly honest about what’s no longer working so you can let it go. Because thriving requires space — and can’t truly flourish if you’re too busy managing the busyness of a business that doesn’t serve you. Your great work requires that you respect it enough to not let anything extraneous or ineffectual stand in its way.Going PRO is a choice and a commitment. It requires courage, confidence and some serious conviction — but the rewards are far greater on the other side (think all kinds of fulfillment – emotionally, spiritually and financially).“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.” ~ Ann Landers

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