When Is The ‘Right’ Time?

One of the things that many of my coaching clients ask me is when is the ‘right’ time to do something.

When is the right time to change jobs?

When is the right time to move overseas?

When is the right time to leave full time work and have more time to myself?

When is the right time to start my business?

When is the ‘right’ time?  Truthfully beautiful you?

There is no right time.

Now that of course doesn’t necessarily mean that any other particular timing is ‘wrong’ but what I know from my own experience and from the work it’s been my privilege to see my clients explore and achieve, I’m just not so sure there is actually such a thing as the security blanket or totally fluffy landing that comes with the full knowing that – yes – THIS is the RIGHT time.

It’s understandable that we would like to know when that time may be as it makes it so much easier to make a leap of faith, be a little risky and throw the doors open to our dreams.  But really?  I’m not sure that any truly brave leap or dream or risk has a security blanket attached.  They kind of don’t match up as bedfellows.  Anything that involves us moving in a new direction, or needing to make a big decision, or really, really going for something that our heart is calling us to do – comes with no guarantees.

We take those risks and make those decisions because we know that deep in our heart we’re called to do something.  We need to make a change.  We want things to be different.  We need to make it happen.

And the timing?  The right timing?  The perfect timing for big leaps like that?  I don’t think there is one.  Not a perfect or exact one anyway.  You can plan, save, back yourself and get support (all vital for any leap!) but you still need to just.do.it.  And how much of your success will be connected to you waiting or holding out for the exact ‘right’ time?  Very little.  Maybe none.  Maybe some.

Therefore to my mind beautiful you, if you’re dreaming of it, longing for it, lusting after it and wanting to make it happen – your time is now.

The right time is now because it’s always the right time to put you first – live your best life – go for what you want – and make your dreams a reality.

The right time for that is always, always now.

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