Your Inherited Suffering

Ever feel like no matter what you do, something in your life is just not getting better? Like no matter how healthy you eat, you just can’t heal your body…or lose weight…or get pregnant…or even feel lovingly connected to your partner or parents? Perhaps it’s because of something that happened in your mother’s, great-grandfather’s or even great-aunt Betsy’s lifetime is influencing your well-being.

Here’s how: Just like you have a soul, so does your family, as a whole. The love that flows through a family system can get distorted, and with that distortion comes stuck energy, low vibrations, suffering and illness that can be passed from one generation to the next.

Thanks to modern science, we now know that this “family soul” is a real thing.

Epigenetics is the study of how life experiences turn genetic codes in our body on and off, without affecting our DNA. We now know that emotions and life experiences of previous generations effect our genetic code responses, and that these genetic changes get passed down and replicated, just like your inherited hair color or skin tone.

That’s where constellations come in.

Entangled with energies passed down from previous generations, family members will unknowingly continue patterns of unhappiness anger, guilt, depression, chronic illness, anxiety, unfulfilled relationships, loss or infertility.

Constellations give us a way to observe the relationship between you and other aspects of your family that are part of your experience, most of which are outside yourconscious awareness.They illuminate the destructive and often unconscious loyalties within families that are causing you present-day pain. Constellations give us a format for working with these inherited energies and emotions, to shift yourentanglement to these patterns within the family soul, while preserving the love and connection that bonded you to them to begin with.

Constellations are not astrology readings, star gazing parties or birth charting. (I’ve been asked all of these, so best to clarify).

I’m Now Offering Systemic and Family Constellations

My NLP training was not without the influence of constellation work, so if you’ve done sessions with me, you probably have experienced some degree of constellation work already. Last summer I completed my formal facilitator training.

Some Ways Constellations Have Helped Others

A woman and her husband who had been trying for 4 years to have a child had a constellation done. Three weeks later, they were pregnant.

A woman who was having severe gut issues and was considering elective surgery, opted for a constellation first. The gut problems resolved after the constellation indicated that there was an emotional entanglement with the woman’s great-grandfather…who had died in WWI from an intestinal laceration.

Yours truly had a constellation done last year because I was at the effects of some stagnant energy in my business that seemed unaffected by anything I was doing to change things. And well, you can see how that worked out. A new brand, new focus and a total influx of new business has arrived with this new focus and clarity. 😉

So, there are two ways for you to get involved with constellations.

You can:
1) Have one done on your behalf, focusing on your specific area of stuck- or ill-ness.
2) You can take part in a constellation being done for someone else. (no prior experience needed)

Changes happen when you are participating in someone else’s constellation, too, because it offers you new perspective and learning for your own healing when you can be part of someone else’s experience.

You can have one done for you from anywhere (we’ll Skype you in), but you do need to be local and able to come to SF to be a participant.

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