Your Real Beauty – Your True Work – Your Beautiful Life

Your real beauty – Your true work – Your beautiful lifeThis is the new mantra of beautiful you. I was reflecting for a number of months last year about the core meaning of my work and what I wanted it to mean not just for me but for you.  When you are a multi-passionate person like I am you will know what I mean when I say sometimes it can be hard to encapsulate everything you want to say – everything you want to mean – everything that is important to you – and everything about everything you do.  That’s a lot of everythings! 

But real beauty, true work and a beautiful life is where the heart is in what I do.  More?  Ok!

Real Beauty

My passion for promoting positive body image is as strong as it was when I first began working in this field (ahem….) many years ago.  I still fervently believe that beautiful and healthy people come in all different shapes and sizes and that it is possible to feel amazing about your body, your appearance and yourself no matter what the colour of your skin, the shape of your tummy or the number on the tag inside your jeans.  I cannot ever imagine a day when I will not rally against dangerous diet.

As both a counsellor and a coach I have always loved working with people who are wanting to develop a more positive and purposeful relationship with their body and food.  Sometimes this can be about wanting to find ways to boost your self esteem, confidence and self belief, other times it involves developing a healing relationship from an intensely negative body image, life time of dieting or an eating disorder.  All involve finding your real self.  Your real beauty.  She’s in there you know.  

True Work

 Are you doing your true work?  Do you even know what it is?  When I meet someone who is vibrant and happy and ‘alive’ I often sense that an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding career, business or entrepreneurship is not very far away.  People who are getting dollars for doing what they truly love are an inspiration to be around.  They’re doers, creators, catalysts, inspirers and out there shaking their money maker – in whatever form that may be.  It could be as a teacher, a healer, a fashion designer, a scrapbooker, a gardener, a blogger.  They come in many different and beautiful forms but they are all being true to themselves by choosing to get real about what their passion is – and getting paid to do it.

As a life business coach I adore working with people who are wanting to propel their true work to an even higher plain, or (let me speak frankly!) work out what the hell their true work is meant to be.  The rewards and richness that unfold from that are totally amazing, as many of coaching clients have worked on a career or business goal attest to. Helping you find your true work and inspiring you to take your own business, career and money making ideas to a truly beautiful level is going to be taking up more love space here at beautiful you.  I can’t wait and hope it helps you soar.  

Beautiful Life

Forgive me for going all ‘woo woo’ on you for a moment. 

Do you sometimes listen to a piece of music, watch a clip on youtube or even just see a beautiful photograph and move into a place of thinking about your life?  Who am I?  What is my life meant to be about?  Am I doing ok?  Am I giving enough?  Am I keeping it real?

I do.

I think I always have – ever since I was quite young.  Sometimes I think it’s just daydreaming.  Other times I have learned I better have a notebook or my laptop nearby because a gushing of ideas is about to come forth.  (Please do leave me a comment if you do this too so I don’t feel so nutty!)

And many of these ideas and thoughts make it here to beautiful you.  Ideas about living an inspirational life, being the best person you can be, making the most out of every day, loving yourself, building incredible personal, business and community relationships and just being happy.   

Yeah that.

So….beautiful you….

Welcome to your real beauty – your true work – your beautiful life.

Read along, comment along, share along and know I’m right here to walk beside you as your coach or counselor.

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