Holistic Transformation Coach. Master NLP Practitioner. Love Alchemist. Wellness warrior. Seed planter. Clean eater. Seeker. Believer. Changemaker. Truth Speaker. Free spirit. Lover of….Laughter. Warm sunshine. Meaningful connections. Healthy living. Life. Growth. Butterflies. Family ties. Yoga. Good food. Good wine. And of course, Tomatoes.

Wellness coaching for energy, stress, body and life balance
Neuro re-patterning for limiting beliefs and undesirable habits
Fertility, pre-natal & birth support counseling

Family patterns, family-system dynamics & ancestral healing
Get un-stuck guidance for mind-body & mood alignment
Chronic health, immune support, reproductive wellness

They say when your soul calls you forward, it whispers–and then, if you aren’t listening, it begins to roar. I was a woman who waited for the roar. The journey that came next was life-changing in body, mind and soul.

Today I have a life, relationship and healthy body that make my heart sing and my smile sparkle. I consider myself one of the lucky ones, having been gifted the wake-up call that brought well-being, energy medicine and personal growth practices into my life that have shaped how I show up as a woman in today’s world.

Seeped in trust, connection and consciousness, my connection to feeling every experience of my life grows more courageous every day. I’m present to my life, relationships and family in ways I wasn’t just a few years ago. And I’m deeply fulfilled on a personal level. I have a career of my own design, a naturally healthy body, relentless levels of energy and passion, deep connection to spirit, soul and self. Solidly self-aware and unabashedly self-expressed, I live life on my own terms. And it keeps getting better!

Nearly a decade ago, I began visiting doctors–many of them. My stomach hurt, my energy was drained, I was stressed, anxious and had lingering discomforts that told me something was not right in my body. For over a year, I was looking for answers that doctors didn’t have to a problem they couldn’t diagnose. I had weekly ultrasounds and a file of hospital receipts that was 1″ thick. I secretly thought maybe I was dying of something exotic and yet uncharted.

All the while, life continued. But life was far from fantastic, even on the good days. I changed jobs, I changed relationships. I got answers to my health and started a protocol for getting better. Life improved for awhile, but not really. I was living over the top of a lot of emotions, and so I’d just distracted myself for awhile. My soul was whispering and I was turning up the radio to drown it out.

In my late 20s, my health, career, spark for life and relationship simultaneously began to crumble. When your soul speaks, it collaborates with the Universe in small and large ways. In my case, the roar came the days after my so-called relationship ended. I’d been dating the same person for two years, only to find out via Facebook that I wasn’t the only woman in his life. His last words to me were, “I hope this [unfaithfulness, heartbreak] doesn’t ruin you.”

What occurred to me through the days that followed was a curiosity about how connected I was (or wasn’t) to my body and my life. After all, where had I been, that I had missed all those whispers?! Who was taking responsibility for changing my life, caring for my body, if not me?

This was the roar of my soul stepping forward.

What followed was a personal challenge to learn about myself, to love myself, to seek out what made me happy and whole and to show up for myself in ways yet uncharted.

This was coincidentally, when my health started to improve.

What I didn’t know then, was just how connected my body was to my life. Or how natural it is for us to heal, when we dig into the emotions that are blocking our health. I now believe in getting to the root source and deeper understanding of anything I can. Personal growth and natural wellness are not practices — for me they are life’s richest soil for cultivating my life as I choose to create it. Women are the source of life; its ours to evolve in the best ways possible. Every woman has a right to understand her own vital needs, desires, body and potential. Being the best version of ourselves is not just a journey, it’s our responsibility to those we love.

Christine is an NLP Master Practitioner trained in the style of NLP Marin and a Certified Holistic Health Counselor through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC in collaboration with Suny Purchase NYC. She’s a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and has had over 10,000 hours of training in quantum wellness, life coaching and holistic health studying under experts such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Andrew Weil. She is a trained Family Constellations facilitator, is certified in the Transformational Coaching Method and holds two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Arizona. She was voted “Best Nutritionist 2011” by BayList and

You want to be the greatest version of yourself. You have dreams you want to make come true. Yet, you have health issues that have plagued you for months, years, decades. You have tried everything…changing your foods, your lifestyle, maybe even your life path. You got healthier, you dig getting spiritual. And yet you have not experienced the change you’d like to have. You still struggle with having the well-being you so desire–body, mind, heart and soul. This is the support you’ve been looking for.


Some of the health concerns we may address include:


Stress & anxiety

Reproductive health

Low energy & vitality

Sleep & mood imbalances


Cysts, fibriods, PCOS

Chronic UTI & bladder infections

Gut & digestive disorders

PMS, hormone cycles

Chronic conditions

General wellness & more

People often ask me why “Love & Tomatoes”? Love comes from the root word “eros”, which means to come alive, and Tomatoes represent the nourishment that is needed to bring our best mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health into being. The name was born from a conversation with my grandmother, in which as I was leaving her house, on the way to my mom’s she told me to not forget to give my mom her love and tomatoes (I was carrying a literal bag of tomatoes from her garden). The female lineage of love, support and nourishment runs strong in my family. It is my hope that women will be able to connect to their greatness in part, by connecting to the maternal strength and wisdom that lives inside the DNA of everything that has created them.

Mind-body connection originates in your endocrine system, the glands known for regulating the hormones that contribute to how your feminine body operates.

Hormones that flow from your brain influence every aspect of your wellbeing – your mood & sleep patterns, your metabolism and monthly cycle, your fertility and your stress levels. Changes in your thoughts influence your emotions, which in turn influence your nervous, immune, digestive, and reproductive systems to function in or out of balance. Your brain and your body are in communication constantly to balance every major system inside you.

But your body is just the beginning of how everything is connected. Your emotional and physical wellbeing impact every area of your life — your relationships, career, family dynamics, future choices and present experiences of life are all influenced by the state of your mind-body health. To be well is to support that which empowers you to feel alive – in mind, body and soul. When we make changes to how we feel, it impacts everything around us and increases our ability to consciously create more of what we would like.

Neuro-linguistic programming is a method for creating change that lasts. It allows us to notice what we are experiencing that we don’t like, what we would like to be experiencing but aren’t yet, and then to identify the unconscious blocks or patterns that are internally resistant to the manifestation of what we would like. It provides us a way of revealing and revising the patterns that are operating outside of conscious awareness.

NLP relies on sensory input (pictures, smells, tastes, sounds and feelings) to communicate the language of the mind and body, making it more easily available for transformation and change than it would be with traditional coaching or habit changes.

In the body, NLP engages the autonomic nervous system to help reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve blood flow, promote ease and relaxation — all of which are good for reproductive health, fertility and prenatal care.

NLP It can also be used to fix phobias, heal multi-generational family patterns and update unconscious belief structures that are influencing well-being and preventing health.

Just like you have a soul, so does your family, as a whole. The love that flows through a family system can get distorted, and with that distortion comes stuck energy, low vibrations, suffering and illness that can be passed from one generation to the next. Entangled with energies passed down from previous generations, family members will unknowingly continue patterns of unhappiness anger, guilt, depression, chronic illness, anxiety, unfulfilled relationships, loss or infertility.

Constellations give us a way to observe the relationship between you and other aspects of your family that are part of your experience, most of which are outside your conscious awareness. They illuminate the destructive and often unconscious loyalties within families that are causing you present-day pain.

Constellation work gives us a format for working with these inherited energies and emotions, to shift your entanglement to these patterns within the family soul, while preserving the love and connection that bonded you to them to begin with.